If You Are An Airshow Performer...

...and you'd like to get a hard copy of any of your performances that I've shot over the years, let me know!

Over the years that I've done airshow videos, I have come to realize of two things - both of which apply not only to airshow performers but to all pilots in general.  I have noticed that all pilots absolutely love to see photographs and video of them with their airplanes and get their hands on those photos and videos.  There are many photographers and videographers who are willing to sell their work to the pilot(s) for a considerable sum of money - many times amounting to several hundred dollars or more.  I, on the other hand, feel that is outrageous.  I feel that pilots and performers, regardless of background and regardless if we're talking about someone who flies a single-ship fighter demo or someone who flies a modified aerobatic aircraft, that you should not be paying several hundred dollars for media where you could be spending that money taking care of your airplane or for other means.

I can provide you video of your performances from whenever and wherever, provided I can get to the video easily and that the quality is up to what I'd like to send you.  I won't ask for anything in return, except for your appreciation of getting video from you from me, unless you absolutely insist on putting together something for me.  In that case, if there are any t-shirts, polos, hats, etc. that you sell, that would take care of everything.  Remember that I do this as a token of appreciation for your work in the air.  Unlike others who ask for money, I see to it from a much more personal level than a business transaction.

If at all possible, I would rather make sure you'd get it at the next airshow I'd see you at, but I can always send out the video by mail.

While there are terms of use for all of the videos I have online, performers usually do not apply to those terms of use.  If you are a performer and you are looking to add video of your performance to your website and I do provide you video to use, I would recommend you to link to or embed my video of you on YouTube for two reasons.  Firstly, you'd save money on web hosting space and bandwidth, as you'd have your visitors downloading that video over and over, driving up your website expenses.  Secondly, by linking or embedding that YouTube video to your website, you help yourself out as well as helping me out.  You help yourself out because your visitors may want to see more videos of your performance (possibly by other YouTube users) and it helps me out because by embedding my YouTube video, you'll be providing your visitors with quality video.  I have also been told by one performer that my video of his performance has nailed him some bookings!

As an airshow performer, you are welcome to use the video I give you to help shape a promotional video for either your website, for the ICAS Conventions, or whatever the promo video would be used for.  At the request of one performer, I have even provided him video for a Hollywood production team that will be doing a documentary on his late father.  You are not required to cite me in the credits of any promo video, but it is very much appreciated if it could be done.

It should be noted that all of my video is shot in standard definition and in 4:3.  I do not have any high definition video of any airshow performance and will not be shooting high definition until at least 2011 or 2012.  All of the video I provide to you will be on a DVD and I can provide a CD or two with the videos (in Windows Media Video format) at your request.

Now, in the case that you are a performer and you are looking for video of your performances and I don't have any and probably won't be able to get any for a long period of time (mainly because I have yet to see your performance), I can point you to several other individuals who I think may be able to help you out.