Zinger Aviation Media - Special Thanks

The following is a list of people who have provided services (credentials, special access, information, corrections, opportunities, etc.) to myself at airshows around the country, as well as those who have helped out in any way, shape, or form and have had an impact on the way I view the airshow industry and the people in the airshow industry as well as with making my videos and Zinger Aviation Media better. The list is in no particular order and does not include close family and friends outside of the airshow industry, whom have been a big help in supporting my airshow trips and my hobby/passion.  I want to send a big thank you to every individual on this list as they deserve recognition on Zinger Aviation Media.  This list will grow as I know of more people I need to thank.  This list is by no means complete.

Directors, Presidents, Public Affairs

John Cudahy, President, International Council of Airshows (up to 2006, now present)
Bruce Wilson, President, International Council of Airshows (2006-2007)
Mary Quigg, Management, International Council of Airshows
Deb Mitchell, Director, NAS Oceana (2002)
(Also spent time with ICAS, now co-founder of ASB.)
David Schultz, President, David Schultz Airshows
Greg Witmer, Ground Ops/Showboss, David Schultz Airshows
CDR Rich "Corky" Erie, Assistant Air Operations, NAS Oceana (Retired)
Mr. Troy Snead, Public Affairs, NAS Oceana
Major Harry "Chimp" Mueller, 4 Wing Cold Lake (Retired)
Capt. Bruce Ehmann, A3 Special Events, Winnipeg
Dale Drumright, Director, AirPower Over Hampton Roads
Lt. Michael McNamara, Rhode Island Army National Guard
Donna Vertolli, Design Advertising, Millville Airshow
SrA Heidi Davis, 1st FW Public Affairs, Langley AFB
2nd LT Georgeanne Schultz, 1st FW Public Affairs, Langley AFB

Ms. Angel Lopez, Public Affairs, McGuire AFB
Lt.Col. Andrew Lourake, 316th Airlift Wing, Andrews AFB
Patrick J. Nichols, Public Affairs, NAS Pensacola
Lawrence Starr, Curator, American Airpower Museum
Naval Air Station Pensacola Public Affairs Office
Naval Air Station Oceana Public Affairs Office
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Public Affairs Office
Joint Base Langley-Eustis Public Affairs Office
Bryan Lilley, B. Lilley Productions, LLC.
Rhode Island National Guard Public Affairs Office
Sara Pastorello, Public Affairs, 105th Airlift Wing
Mr. Jeffrey Hood, Public Affairs, 633rd Air Base Wing



Howdy McCann, Announcer, David Schultz Airshows
Gordon Bowman-Jones, Airshow Announcer
Frank Kingston Smith, Airshow Announcer
Rob Reider, Airshow Announcer
Larry Rutt, Airshow Announcer
Larry Strain, Airshow Announcer
Danny Clisham, Airshow Announcer
Sonny Everett, Airshow Announcer
Eddie Leuter, Alpha Squadron, Airshow Announcer
Doug McDaniel, Announcer, Oreck XL Airshows
Jerry VanKempen, Announcer, Red Baron Squadron
Matt Jolley, Warbird Radio
Allen Mitchell, Announcer, David Schultz Airshows


Airbosses, Ground Bosses

Wayne Boggs, President, Air Boss Consulting
Ralph Royce, President, AirPros
David Schultz, President, David Schultz Airshows
Greg Witmer, Ground Boss/Airboss, David Schultz Airshows
Kevin Sullivan, AirBoss Inc.
George Cline, AirBoss Inc.


Team Assistants

Karl Koeppen, Team Oracle
Brian Norris, Team Oracle
Chris Porter, Goulian Aerosports
Denise Decker, 2001 Fan of the Year
Barb Long, 2002 Fan of the Year


Military Jet Teams, Parachute Teams, Wing Commanders

Captain Layne Smith, CO, NAS/JRB Willow Grove
Lt.Col. Richard McSpadden, Thunderbird #1, 2002-2003
Lt.Col. Michael Chandler, Thunderbird #1, 2004-2005
Major Brian Burns, Thunderbird #3, 2004-2005
Capt. Dave Haworth, Thunderbird #8, 2004-2005
Capt. Steve Rolenc, Thunderbird #12, 2003-2004
Capt. Elizabeth Kreft, Thunderbird #12, 2007-2008
LCDR Craig Olson, Blue Angel #5, 2003-2005, 2007-2008 (#7, #6, #5 respectively)
CDR Greg McWherter, Blue Angel #1, 2009-2010
LT Frank Weisser, Blue Angels, 2008-2010 (#7 in 2008, #6 in 2009, #5 in 2010)

Major Stephen Will, Snowbird #1, 2002-2004
Captain Gavin Crouch, Snowbird #11, 2004-2005
Captain Stephanie Walker, Snowbirds Public Affairs, 2003-2005
Keith Pritchett, US Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team
The entire U.S. Navy Blue Angels Teams
The entire U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Teams
The entire Canadian Forces Snowbirds Teams
The entire U.S. Army Golden Knights Teams
2008 RAF Red Arrows Team
2017 PAF Patrouille de France Team


Single Ship Demo Team Crew

Lt. Ryan "Spanky" Caldwell, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-122, 2003-2004
Lt. Jeff "Meat" Glaser, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-122, 2004
Lt. Kim "Grace" Arrington, F/A-18F Demo Pilot/WSO, VFA-122, 2004
Lt. Joe "Pogey" Alden, F/A-18 Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2003
Lt. Mark "Pack" Sand, F/A-18 Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2006
Lt. Jason "PADI" Naidyhorski, F/A-18 Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2007
Lt. Adrian "Catfish" Jope, F/A-18 Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2007-2008
Lt. Paul "Bobo" Felini, F/A-18 Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2007
Lt. Thomas "Natty" Clark, F/A-18 Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2007
Lt. Ian "Goon" Burgoon, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2005
Lt. Blaine "Rock" Tompkins, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2006
Lt. Jeff "Chewie" Immel, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2006
Lt. Lenny "Crack" Wise, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2006-2007
Lt. Gary "Ringo" Buxton, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2006
Lt. Dave "SH8" Cassalia, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2007
Lt. Stacy "Stigs" Foley, F/A-18F Demo Pilot, VFA-106, 2007
Lt. Anthony "Opie" Walley, F-14 Demo Pilot, VF-101
Lt. "Smokin" Joe Ruzicka, F-14 Demo Pilot/RIO, VF-101
Capt. Matt Kouchoukos, A-10 East Demo Pilot, 2003-2004
Major Jeff "Roadie" Yost, A-10 East Demo Pilot, 2005-2007
Major Johnnie "Dusty" Green, A-10 East Demo Pilot, 2009-2010

Major Jim "Penny" Varden, A-10 West Demo Pilot, 2003
Major Brian "Stitch" Willits, A-10 West Demo Pilot, 2007-2008
Major Bret "Slam" Anderson, F-15 East Demo Pilot, 2003-2004
Capt. Jason "Bondo" Costello, F-15 East Demo Pilot, 2005-2006
Capt. Lendy "Alamo" Renegar, F-15 West Demo Pilot, 2002-2003
Capt. Joel "Deuce" Hemphill, F-15 West Demo Pilot, 2004-2005
Capt. Tony "Baron" Bierenkoven, F-15 West Demo Pilot, 2006-2007
Capt. Sam "Nuke" Joplin, F-15 West Demo Pilot, 2008-2009
Major Al "Jewel" Kennedy, F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Pilot, 2006-2007
Capt. Jack "Woody" Stallworth, F-15E Strike Eagle Demo WSO, 2006-2007
Capt. Phil "Ritz" Smith, F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Pilot, 2008-2009
Capt. "Wild" Ed Colfer, F-15E Strike Eagle Demo WSO, 2008
Capt. Mike "Cash" Maeder, F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Pilot, 2010-2011

Major Geoff "Hak" Hickman, F-16 East Demo Pilot, 2004-2005
Major George "Dog" Clifford, F-16 East Demo Pilot, 2008-2009
Major Ryan "Rider" Corrigan, F-16 East Demo Pilot, 2010-2011
Major David "Booster" Graham, F-16 West Demo Pilot, 2009-2010
Major John "Rain" Waters, F-16 Viper Demo Pilot, 2017-2018

Lt.Col. Michael "Dozer" Shower, F-22 Raptor Heritage Flight Pilot, 2005-2006
Major Paul "Max" Moga, F-22 Raptor Demo Pilot, 2007-2008
Capt. Brian Stahl, F-22 Raptor Pilot, 1st Fighter Wing
Major Dave "Zeke" Skalicky, F-22 Raptor Demo Pilot, 2009-2010
Major Dan "Rock" Dickinson, F-22 Raptor Demo Pilot, 2016-2017
Major Paul "Loco" Lopez, F-22 Raptor Demo Pilot, 2018-2019
Major Will Androetta, F-35A Heritage Pilot, 2016-2017

Lt.Col. Jerry "Jive" Kerby, QF-4 Phantom Heritage Flight Pilot, 2005
Major John "Shamu" Markle, QF-4 Phantom Heritage Flight Pilot, 2007
Major Doug "Dewey" Clements, CF-18 West Demo Pilot, 2002
Capt. Dave "Super Dave" Pletz, CF-18 Demo Pilot, 2004
Capt. William "Fat Daddy" Radiff, CF-18 Demo Pilot, 2006
Capt. William "Billy" Mitchell, CF-18 Demo Pilot, 2008
Capt. Brian "Boozer" Bews, CF-18 Demo Pilot, 2010
VFA-106 Legacy Hornet and Super Hornet Demo Teams 2003-Present


Aerobatic Pilots

Alan and Jennifer Henley, Aeroshell Aerobatic Team
Mark Henley, Aeroshell Aerobatic Team
Steve Gustafson, Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

Gene McNeeley, Aeroshell Aerobatic Team
Bryan Regan, Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

Ron Spencer, Split Image Aerobatic Team
Ron Saglimbene, Split Image Aerobatic Team, Dr. Smoke Airshows
John Bowman, Red Baron Squadron
Todd Schaufenbuel, Red Baron Squadron
Rick "Comrade" Svetkoff, F-104 Starfighter
Mike "Smitty" Smith, F-104 Starfighter
Bill Stein, Red Baron Squadron, Edge 540
John McMurray, Red Baron Squadron
Sean Tucker, Aerobatic Pilot, Challenger
Patty Wagstaff, Aerobatic Pilot, Extra 300
Dale Snodgrass, Aerobatic Pilot, F-86/P-51/T-6/MiG/T-34/F4U
Chuck Lischer, Aerobatic Pilot, Newgold F-260
Michael Goulian, Aerobatic Pilot, Extra 300
Matt Chapman, Aerobatic Pilot, CAP-580
Michael Mancuso, Aerobatic Pilot, Extra 300L
Nancy Lynn, Aerobatic Pilot, Extra 300L
Nick Nilmeyer, Aerobatic Pilot, Extra 300
Michael Hunter, Aerobatic Pilot, Lazer 200
John Klatt, Aerobatic Pilot, MXS, Screamin' Sasquatch
Frank Ryder, Airshow Pilot, Oreck Cyclone
Rob Holland, Aerobatic Pilot, MXS
Scott Francis, Aerobatic Pilot, MXS

Paul Lopez, Aerobatic Pilot, MX-2
Greg Poe, Aerobatic Pilot, MX-2
Gary Ward, Aerobatic Pilot, MX-2

Skip Stewart, Aerobatic Pilot, Modified Pitts
Ed Hamill, Aerobatic Pilot, Modified Pitts S2
Jim LeRoy, Aerobatic Pilot, Bulldog Pitts
Jurgis Kairys, Aerobatic Pilot, Su-31
Billy Werth, Aerobatic Pilot, Pitts S2
Jason Flood, Aerobatic Pilot, Pitts S1
Keith Davis, Aerobatic Pilot, Pitts S1
Jason Newburg, Aerobatic Pilot, Viper Pitts
Kendal Simpson, Aerobatic Pilot, Pitts S2S
Bill Gordon, Aerobatic Pilot, Christen Eagle
Billy Segalla, Aerobatic Pilot, Christen Eagle
Paul Dougherty, Aerobatic Pilot, Christen Eagle
David Windmiller, Aerobatic Pilot, Edge 540
Ken Rieder & Jon Thocker, Redline Airshows
Jerry Wells, Aerobatic Pilot, Jungmeister
Greg Connell, Aerobatic Pilot, Wolf Pitts
Greg Koontz, Aerobatic Pilot, Decathlon



Ashley Battles, Wingwalker
Ashley Shelton, Wingwalker
Margie Stivers, Wingwalker
Carol Pilon, Wingwalker
Jimmy & Kyle Franklin, Aerobatic Pilots & Wingwalker
Gene Soucy & Teresa Stokes, Aerobatic Pilot & Wingwalker
Bob Essell & Jenny Forsythe, Ultralight Pilot & Wingwalker


Warbird Pilots, Other Airshow Pilots & Crew

Dan McCue, Aerobatic Pilot, L-39 Albatross, F4U Corsair
Allen Smith, Aerobatic Pilot, L-39 Albatross
Manfred Radius, Airshow Pilot, Salto Sailplane
Bob & Laurie Carlton, Airshow Pilot, Jet Sailplane

Dan Buchanan, Airshow Pilot, Hang Glider
Jim Beasley, Jr., Airshow Pilot, P-51 Mustang, Spitfire
Ed Shipley, Airshow Pilot, P-51 Mustang, F-86 Sabre
Sean Carroll, Airshow Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-9M
Jim Tobul, Airshow Pilot, T-6A Texan
Scott Yoak, Pilot, P-51D Mustang

Kevin Russo, Airshow Pilot, SNJ-6 Texan
Paul Farber, Owner, T-6 Texan
Andy Anderson, Airshow Pilot, BAC Strikemaster
Jerry Conley, Airshow Pilot, L-29 "Viper"
Josh Wilson, Airshow Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-50
Martin Sheehan, Pilot, Nanchang CJ-6
Carey O'Donnell, Pilot, Nanchang CJ-6
Scott Glasner, Pilot, Nanchang CJ-6
Bill Mills, Pilot, Nanchang CJ-6
Randy Devere, Pilot, Nanchang CJ-6
Keith McKinley, Pilot, Nanchang CJ-6
Tom Reynolds, Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-52
Jeff Daniels, Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-52

Tim Stevens, Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-52
Reade Genzlinger, Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-52
Stuart Nicholson, Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-52
Paul Hornick, Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-52TW
Harvey Meek, Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-52TW
David Monroe, Pilot, Yakovlev Yak-52TW

Scott Clyman, Pilot, L-39 Albatross
Pat Marsh, Pilot, L-39 Albatross
Larry Labriola, Pilot, L-39 Albatross
Paul McCowan, E-Team Skydivers
Doug McCowan, E-Team Skydivers

Rich Gibson, Pyrotechnican
Mike "Bloke" Robinson, F-104 Starfighter Crew
Julie Clark, Aerobatic Pilot, T-34 Mentor
Dan Dameo, Pilot, P-47 Thunderbolt, FG-1D Corsair
Jim Vocell, Pilot, B-25 Mitchell, C-47 Skytrain
Tom Duffy, Pilot, Various
Don "Beetle" Bailey, Pilot, L-29 Delphin
Roger Buis, Otto the Helicopter
Pauline Buis, Otto the Helicopter
Andrew McKenna, Pilot, P-51D Mustang
Bob & Laurie Carlton, Vertigo Airshows
The entire Warrior Demo Team
The entire GEICO Skytypers Team
The Simeone Family, Commemorative Air Force


Photographers who have contributed input
and suggestions to Zinger Aviation Media include:

Josh Akbar Cary Liao
Tim Asbell Michael McLaughlin
Corey Beitler Fred Miller
Majd Bostani Mark Munzel
Ken Cheung Dave O'Brien
Matthew J. Ciao Joe Osciak
Jeff Colegrove Kenneth Pagliughi
Andrew DeMartini Sagar Pathak
Jonathan Derden Tyson V. Rininger
Phil Derner, Jr. Eddie Rivera
Eric Dunetz Melanie Rose
Dave Dunster William Rizzo
Liza Eckardt Craig M. Scaling
Brian Emch Leonard Schwartz
Brian Futterman Chris Smallenberg
Michelle Gallardo Kenneth Smelcer
Vincent Games Judd Smith
Manny Gonzalez Scott Snorteland
Justin Hamlin Chris Starnes
Pierce Haviland Amber Strickland
Scott Hoggard Mark Szemberski
Jon Houghtaling Kaz Tehrani
Eric Hughes Dan Teker
Kevin Jackson Nathan Truninger
Keith Jeronimus Ryan Tykosh
Dariusz Jezewski Chris Uhland
Sean Kelly Ricardo von Puttkammer
Roger Kemp Robert Wetterholt, Jr.
Steven King Britney Williams
John Klos Chris Williams
Rich Kolasa Adam Wright
Carl Kruse Allie Wright