Aircraft Spotting Pages - South Jersey Regional Airport

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About the Spots

Spot AThis is the only spot you can much watch airplanes from.  Walk towards the restaurant and FBO and you'll see some benches.  You can sit there and watch the activity all you want.  Runway 8/26 is about 1,000 feet in front of you, so if you wanted to take pictures, you need at least 300 mm, but remember, you're dealing with small planes and you may have to deal with heat haze.  The sun is also at your back all day.

South Jersey Regional Airport is home to the Air Victory Museum, and depending on what day you decide to go out to the airport, the museum might be open.  If you do go to the airport, I recommend you take some time and check out the museum.  They are open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10 AM to 4 PM and 11 AM to 4 PM on Sundays and closed on most federal holidays.

Since you are in close proximity to aircraft and fuel trucks, NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED ANYWHERE ALONG THE AIRPORT.



Activity at South Jersey Regional Airport

As far as what you'll see at South Jersey Regional Airport, the airport's runway can bring in twin-engine airplanes like a Piper Seneca, Beech Baron, and Cessna 310.  I have seen jets fly in and out, even with the runway being 3,900 feet long.  In years past, I have seen a Beech King Air 350, Learjet 35, L-39 Albatross, Fouga Magister, and an F-86 Sabre fly out of there.  The Sabre actually belonged to the owner of the airport, Steve Snyder.  Sadly, he was killed in June 2000 when he had an accident with the Sabre at the airport while putting on a private demonstration for some people.

Prepare to see general aviation and maybe a warbird or two, if you're lucky.  Most times during the week you will see visiting business jets (those that can utilize their runway) as well as King Airs and other business aircraft on official business.  The New Jersey chapter of the Civil Air Patrol is also based here and fly regularly.  There is also a flight school and their aircraft are ALWAYS up.  Weekends can be hit or miss, but you can always see something interesting on the ground as well as in the pattern.

South Jersey Regional Airport is located in Medford, NJ (though it is disputed to be in Mt. Holly, Mt. Laurel, or Lumberton, but to me, it's Medford) and is easily accessible via Interstate 295 (follow exit 40 if coming from the north and exit 40A if coming from the south) and NJ Routes 38 and 70.  Follow the signs to the airport - these signs will also point you to the Air Victory Museum.


The airport is patrolled regularly by local law enforcement as well as the New Jersey State Police.  They may ask you to leave if you are there photographing and/or filming.  Do not attempt to gain access to the ramp without prior permission.  Again, you will likely be arrested and charged with trespassing if you do so.


There is a restaurant in the FBO on the airport as well as restrooms.  The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is highly recommended.  There are also multiple fast food and sit-down restaurants along Route 38 within a fifteen minute drive from South Jersey Regional Airport.