Aircraft Spotting Pages - Trenton-Mercer Airport


About the Spots

Please note this is still a work in progress as more locations are scoped out.
Once this is confirmed the information will be provided on this page.
Please also exercise good judgment here as spotting at TTN is severely frowned upon.

Spot A:  Spot A is located on Sunset Avenue in a nice residential neighborhood in Ewing, NJ.  There is a large field across from the single family homes and you are able to pull off the road legally and park and walk out to the field but not all the way out towards the landing lights; the field is owned by Ewing Township while the land nearest the landing lights is owned by Mercer County.  This offers an excellent view of Runway 6 arrivals and Runway 24 departures as well as observing aircraft taxiing to Runway 6.  Most of the larger aircraft going into and out of the Trenton-Mercer Airport will utilize this runway.

Keep in mind that there are residents that live here and to be kind and courteous as well as minimizing your footprint.  Please also see the information in the Security section of the page as that is very important.

Recommendation:  Light is good from morning until late afternoon.  A 300mm lens is needed for smaller aircraft and less lens is needed for commercial flights.


The first photo represents a Runway 6 arrival while the second represents a Runway 24 departure.

Spot B:  TBD.


Spot C:  TBD.


Activity at the Trenton-Mercer Airport

The Trenton-Mercer Airport is home to several tenants including the New Jersey State Police as well as one major FBO.  In addition, the airport sees a lot of general aviation traffic as well as business and corporate jet traffic on a daily basis.  Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines currently offers multiple flights out of the Trenton-Mercer Airport utilizing Airbus A319, A320, and A320neo aircraft; these flights do not run daily but do run several times a week.  Airliners will most likely utilize Runway 6 or 24 due to its length.

The New Jersey National Guard also retains land here and you will occasionally see their UH-60 Blackhawks and UH-72 Lakotas pass through from time to time.

The Trenton-Mercer Airport can be easily accessed via Interstate 95 and New Jersey Route 29.


The Mercer County Sheriffs Office patrol the airport and its perimeter very regularly and have condoned any kind of spotting that occurs at this airport.  They have in the past asked spotters to leave and have been known to detain spotters as well even during special occasions.  While Spot A is currently the only spot on the list and is located off of airport property, all levels of law enforcement do patrol the immediate areas around the airport on a very regular basis.  Trenton-Mercer Airport ranks up there with Newark Liberty International Airport and Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey where spotting is very risky.


There are several restaurants within a ten minute drive of the airport.