Aircraft Spotting Pages - Hammonton Municipal Airport (N81)


About the Spots

Spot A:  Located along Columbus Road and adjacent to Academy Drive, this is the only spot you can watch airplanes from.  Park just off of the road and use caution as vehicles tend to travel down Columbus Road at a high rate of speed.  In front of you is Runway 3/21, which is less than 500 feet from you.  You have an excellent view of aircraft landing on Runway 3 and departing on 21, while photography is only possible with aircraft landing on Runway 3.  Unfortunately, when Runway 21 is active, you are unable to go anywhere near the approach end of 21.

Recommendation:  The light from sunrise until about 1:00 pm is excellent as the sun is behind you.  Any size lens is recommended.


Operations from Runway 3 are pictured above.

Spot BWhile not listed on the map, it refers to the Apron Cafe.  This restaurant is open daily (check for hours) for breakfast and lunch and offers a view of the ramp as well as Runway 3/21.  Having eaten here several times in the past, I highly recommend it. 


Activity at the Hammonton Municipal Airport

When the weather is ideal (low winds and visual flight rules prevailing), the Hammonton Municipal Airport sees a fair amount of activity, mainly of general aviation.  Several helicopters are based at the airport, to include a Bell 206, AS350, and the New Jersey State Police operating an AW139.  From time to time, an aerobatic box just to the east of the airport is activated and you will occasionally see aircraft performing aerobatics. 

The Hammonton Municipal Airport can easily be accessed from US Route 206; the airport is less than two miles from 206 and less than five miles from US Route 322.


Currently, if you remain in the area around Spot A, you should have no issues with photography.  It is also okay to watch airport operations from the fence between the Apron Cafe and the NJSP hangar.


There is a restaurant in the FBO on the airport as well as restrooms.  The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is highly recommended.

There are also multiple fast food and sit-down restaurants along US Route 322 within a ten minute drive from the Hammonton Municipal Airport.