Aircraft Spotting Pages - Flying W Airport (N14)


About the Spots

Spot A:  While there are two spots located on the map above, this is the only spot you can watch airplanes from.  Park in the parking lot once you turn into the airport and walk on the path towards the runway (there is a pool to your right) and the FBO.  There is a gazebo and large tree for shade.  In front of you is Runway 1/19, which is only about 500 feet from you.  Provided there are no aircraft parked in front of you, you have a clear view of the runway, taxiway, and ramp in front of you.

At this time, there are currently no restrictions on aviation photography here, and you do not need anything more than 300mm since everything is very close.  While there are no aviation photography restrictions, please do not attempt to gain access to the ramp or runway unless invited to do so by airport employees or pilots.

Since I mentioned there is a pool at the airport, this is open to the public.  There is a daily fee for pool usage as well as a seasonal pass you can purchase.  In addition to the pool, there is also a tiki bar serving adult beverages.  While the pool is used by adults and children of all ages, it is not recommend to bring your camera to this area for obvious reasons.  The pool is also staffed by a lifeguard during most hours.  And yes, that pool is shaped like an airplane.

Recommendation:  The light from sunrise until about 1:00 pm is awful as the sun is in front of you and to your right.  Photography of aircraft taking off from Runway 1 in those hours will be very challenging but it is manageable for Runway 19.



Operations from Runway 19 are pictured above.  The last photo of the Bonanza was taken to show you the surroundings at that location.  You are not allowed to venture past that fence without authorization from airport employees or an invite from a pilot.

Spot BWhile there are two spots located on the map above, this spot is listed for reference only and it is not recommended to be used.  As you can see, this is located in the grass area between the two ramps and puts you against the taxiway that is parallel to Runway 1/19.  While this puts you closer to the runway and taxiway, airport staff does not want anyone in the grass here due to security reasons.


Operations from Runway 1 are pictured above.  It is not recommended to photograph from here out of consideration for your safety.


Activity at the Flying W Airport

When the weather is ideal (low winds and visual flight rules prevailing), Flying W sees a lot of activity from locally based pilots, the two flight schools based at the airport, and much more.  As you can see on the map above, one flight schools operate Cessna 152 and 172 aircraft and the other specializes in training pilots how to fly helicopters, and they utilize the Schweitzer 269.  On some occasions, the New Jersey State Police will drop by with their AW139 or Bell 206 for fuel and on rare occasions, you will see military helicopters stop in for fuel or food.  Runway 1 is the preferred choice of operations at the Flying W, but you will see, from time to time, Runway 19 being used, depending on the winds.

Flying W Airport can be easily accessed via Interstate 295 (follow exit 40 if coming from the north and exit 40A if coming from the south) and NJ Routes 38 and 70.  Follow the signs to the airport.  Keep in mind that depending on the route you take, you may pass South Jersey Regional Airport along the way to Flying W.


Currently, if you remain in the area around Spot A, you should have no issues with photography.  As a general rule of thumb, photograph only the airplanes and not the passengers unless you are asked to do so by the pilot and passengers.

There is a swimming pool on site that is for public use (with a fee) and for reservations.  DO NOT point your camera towards the pool area, unless you want a free ride in a squad car.  Keep the camera towards the airplanes.

Lastly, while there are spotting videos that make it appear that I am standing next to the runway, this was only a result of obtaining permission of several pilots who base their airplanes there as well as the approval of the airport manager and the employees on duty at the time.  You are, AT NO TIME, permitted to go beyond the fenced area and onto the ramp or near the runway unless invited to do so or you are a pilot.


There is a restaurant in the FBO on the airport as well as restrooms.  The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is highly recommended.  In addition, there is also a bar on the airport that also serves food from opening until about 8:00 pm.

There are also multiple fast food and sit-down restaurants along Routes 38 and 541 within a fifteen minute drive from Flying W Airport.