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Traffic at Millville Executive Airport

Millville Executive Airport (MIV) is a typical general aviation airport that also features a fair amount of business jet movements, as the airport is very close to the southern Jersey Shore towns of Atlantic City, Ocean City, and points south of those cities.  Most activity will occur off of either of the two runways.  You will occasionally see Chinook helicopters pass through Millville on test flights from Boeing's Ridley Park factory.  Runway 10/28 is the longest of two runways at Millville, being just a hair over 6,000 feet long, it can safely accommodate aircraft like the C-130 Hercules and the F/A-18 Hornet during airshow weekend.

Spotting Locations

Please note that example photos from each location are listed below each of the respective descriptions, when available.

Spot A is the only location one can safely view and photograph traffic into and out of Millville Executive Airport and get any kind of action off any runway direction.  This is actually located at the New Jersey Motorsports Park and involves auto racing.  Follow directions to the park's main entrance and follow signs to the Thunderbolt Racetrack, which is left turn beyond the entrance.  Drive very slowly on here as this is always an active motorsports park with people and vehicles everywhere.  Once you go over the small bridge, there will be a large building in sight.  Park somewhat near there.  The building has a deck that overlooks the Thunderbolt Racetrack and a few hundred feet in front of that are grandstands.  Runway 10/28 is right in front of you by about several hundred feet and Runway 14/32 is off to the side a little.

The park may or may not charge admission to gain entry - the one visit I made during airshow weekend (see below for more about airshow weekend) I did not have to pay admission, but others have had to pay.  In addition, you will have to sign liability paperwork at the entrance because you are entering a very dangerous location as race car drivers could possibly lose control of their vehicles and (God forbid) debris could fly into the grandstands.

Light here is excellent most of the day from sunrise to sunset.  A 300mm or greater lens is recommended here for airplanes.

While there are no example photos available, check out this video from the 2015 Millville Airshow.

Spot B is located off of Buckshutem Road and is good for Runway 10 arrivals or Runway 28 departures.  This is a use at your own risk spot as even though there is what appears to be a full shoulder on either side of the road and you could in theory pull safely off the side of the road away from the airport perimeter fence, there are No Stopping or Standing signs posted along that side.

Spot C is located off of Cedarville Road and is good for Runway 14 arrivals or Runway 32 departures.  This is another use at your own risk spot, but there is a dirt horseshoe-shaped road you could pull off of and park in.  Be careful with your surroundings as there are numerous private properties near this spot and you do not want to be trespassing.

Spot D is located at Verna's Flight Line Restaurant.  Open from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm every day, this restaurant is located on the airport property and offers an excellent view of the ramp from inside the restaurant and outside the restaurant.  Zinger Aviation Media highly recommends having breakfast or lunch here.

Airshow Weekend

The Millville Executive Airport will host an airshow featuring the US Navy Blue Angels during Memorial Day Weekend in 2017.  During this time, Buckshutem Road and/or Cedarville Road may be shut down for any jet team action due to the roads being within a jet team aerobatic box.  The photo opportunities on the airport property during the airshow are terrible as the sun is in front of you all day, but you do get up close and personal with most of the performers.  Only Runway 10/28 is used during airshow weekend as it is the longer of two runways and Runway 14/32 is utilized to park static and performing aircraft and for the crowd line.

The airport and the Millville Army Air Field Museum condones spectators watching the airshow from the New Jersey Motorsports Park as the park gets to charge admission and it does not go towards the museum.  Watching from the New Jersey Motorsports Park (from next to the Thunderbolt Racetrack) gives you an excellent perspective of the airshow while still placing you outside of the aerobatic boxes.  The track and grandstands are evacuated when a jet act takes the stage (eg. when the Blues are to fly) but you can watch from the deck of the large building mentioned above.  Everything is reversed here and you even have the sun behind you.

Finally, if Millville is lucky enough to host a single-ship fighter demo (such as an F-16, F/A-18C, F/A-18F, or F-22), you will get to enjoy a minimum radius turn flown around you.


Be mindful that you have a very high chance of being asked to leave at either Spots B and C.

Photography actually sounds like it is encouraged at Spot A.


There are multiple restaurants and retail establishments located within fifteen minutes of Millville Executive Airport aside from the restaurant located on the airport and the facilities at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.  If you plan to spend an extended amount of time at the New Jersey Motorsports Park, it is highly recommended to pack a cooler with food and drinks.