Aircraft Spotting Pages - Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport


There is currently no map or picture available that shows Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport.


About the Spots and What You Will See


Spot A:  This is the only spot you can pretty much watch airplanes from.  There is a restaurant on the airport called Charly's, which is open from 11am to 3pm every day.  You can get sandwiches or even a hot dog with a drink for a very reasonable price.  Be careful how you pay because they only accept cash.  The restaurant overlooks part of the ramp and Runway 13/31 is less than 1,000 feet away.  On a nice day, you could sit outside the restaurant and eat lunch while watching the airplanes.  The only problem is that you'll have the sun directly in front of you for the entire day.

As far as what you'll see at Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport, the airport's runway can bring in twin-engine airplanes like a Piper Seneca, Beech Baron, and Cessna 310.  Most of the aircraft based there are single engine airplanes - your typical Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcraft, and Mooneys, with a Lancair and a Cirrus thrown in there to mix things up.  There are some older aircraft that are based there, as well as two Pitts Specials - one of which is owned by Major Jim "Penny" Varden, who was the A-10 West demo pilot in 2003.  Jim usually flies on the weekends and his plane is the star of the airport.

Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport is located in Jamestown, VA, which is easily accessible off of Exit 242A from Interstate 64.  Follow the signs to the airport.




I am pretty sure that you could get stopped by airport workers and police if you are there with a camera.  I have not have that happened to me because I did have one airplane to photograph, but remember - you are on airport property, so taking pictures and video could be considered suspicious activity.  Don't forget to give Charly's some of your business!