Aircraft Spotting Pages - Newark Liberty International Airport

The above image, modified slightly, is courtesy of Google Earth.


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About the Spots/What You'll See

Spot A:  This is the IKEA parking lot.  The best route to get here is to take the New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 13A and follow the signs to IKEA.  You've got a great view of arrivals onto the 4s and departures from the 22s.  It's not a great place for video since the aircraft are on the other side of the Turnpike (and you have to worry about fourteen lanes of traffic!) but it's decent for photos.  This is the only spot that is officially recognized by spotters in the area, but at the same time, is quite a hassle (read below in the Security section).  You will see a lot of Continental Airlines traffic as well as a wide mixture of foreign carriers - some of which operate out of EWR and not JFK.

Photos from Spot A

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There are several other spots around the airport where you can photograph from, but the legality and personal safety of these spots has been disputed dozens of times over the years and it is not recommended that you try to find these spots.


The bad part about spotting at Newark is that it is frowned upon by a number of different authorities.  Be prepared for a visit by IKEA employees/management, local security firms, the Port Authority Police Department, and the Elizabeth Police Department.  Regardless of who stops by, it is almost guaranteed that you will be asked to leave, especially since this is private property.  Be courteous and always carry your ID.

It should be noted that there was a serious spotting incident that took place in January 2010 from one of the other spots not listed here.  The incident involved a handful of spotters getting a bad attitude from PAPD, whose officers basically wanted to take every camera they saw.  The spotters did not comply, but turned in their memory cards (still a breach of privacy).  While the issue was resolved fully and the cards returned to their rightful owners with no tampering/deletions, this incident is a reminder of why I do not recommend spotting at Newark.