Aircraft Spotting Pages - Baltimore-Washington International Airport



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Traffic at Baltimore-Washington International Airport

BWI is a beehive for Southwest Airlines, considering the airport as one of their focus cities, with destinations to more than fifty locations across the United States and the Caribbean.  American, Delta, and United also have sizable operations at BWI as well as low cost carriers Frontier, JetBlue, and Spirit.  Air Canada, British Airways, and WOW Air make up the international carriers normally seen at BWI.  There is a very good chance you will catch one or more of the many special livery aircraft that Southwest Airlines has in their fleet at BWI.

Business jet traffic can be seen here as well - most of which will land on Runway 33R.  Cargo carriers also utilize BWI on a regular basis as well as military charters and even some foreign military aircraft will utilize BWI as an entry point into the United States.  Honeywell and other defense contractors have been known to utilize BWI from time to time (for example, think of the highly modified Boeing 757 with the extra jet engine and the 757 with the nose of an F-22 Raptor).

Spotting Locations

Please note that example photos from each location are listed below each of the respective descriptions, when available.

Spot A is located at the Thomas A. Dixon Jr. Aircraft Observation Park.  This is exactly as it is described - an aircraft observation park.  It is located off of Dorsey Road (on the bottom of the map on this page) and there is limited parking located here.  The park offers excellent views of Runway 33L arrivals and distant views of Runway 33R arrivals.  Departures from 15R are also excellent here but you will be shooting the underside more than anything else.  Local and state police do ask all spotters to stay within the confines of the park and not to go walk out onto Dorsey Road (the speed limit is 50-55) and the area beyond the fence is federal property.

Parking here on the weekend will get packed as there are also trails and a playground here.  Please keep the camera pointed only at the airplanes.

Light here is good from late morning until sunset as you face roughly northeast.  Any size lens is recommended here.

Facilities:  Many options for food and drink are within ten minutes of this spot.  Portable restrooms are also available.  It is actually recommended to pack a cooler with food and drink if you plan to spend any extended length of time here as this location gets quite packed and there is a finite number of parking spots.



Spot B is located inside the secure terminal area of BWI and is actually an enclosed observation deck.  Follow the signs in the terminal to here - a great spot for kids and adults and a great place to spend time at BWI if you have a layover of any length.  There are activities for children as well as plenty of seating options to watch the operations at BWI.

Photography here is not recommended due to the area facing the sun the entire time and you'd be shooting through glass.

Facilities:  Many options for food and drink are within walking distance as well as restrooms.


Law enforcement patrols both spots regularly and are friendly to spotters.  Please keep the camera pointed to the airplanes and only the airplanes, especially while at Spot A.