Aircraft Spotting Pages - Monmouth Executive Airport


Traffic at Monmouth Executive Airport

Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM) is a typical general aviation airport that also features a fair amount of business jet movements, as the airport is very close to the Jersey Shore towns of Belmar, Seaside Heights (think of that God awful MTV reality show Jersey Shore), and Asbury Park (think Bruce Springsteen).  Most activity will occur off of either Runway 14 or 32, which is 7,300 feet long and capable of handling large aircraft.

The Commemorative Air Force and the Collings Foundation have utilized the Monmouth Executive Airport during their tour stops.  The CAF has in the past brought in their B-24 Liberator and B-29 Superfortress selling rides and the Collings Foundation has brought in their B-17, B-24, B-25, and P-51.  It is highly recommended to visit BLM when either is in town for the photo opportunities.

Spotting Locations

Please note that example photos from each location are listed below each of the respective descriptions, when available.

Spot A is the only location one can view and photograph traffic into and out of Monmouth Executive Airport.  This spot looks deceiving on the map because it is marked in the middle of Runway 14/32, when in reality, it is.  Off of Route 34 you can access Industrial Road (only from one direction of Route 34 so be mindful of this) and make a right onto Industrial Road.  Look for 5033 Industrial Road and you can park in the parking lot for the business located there.  While that is private property, please be mindful of the business as they do have a right to ask you to move your vehicle and leave at any time.  Continue to walk into a rock garden into an area that can be best described as a dusty and sandy hill.  This hill overlooks the entire airport and especially Runway 14/32.  When on either Runway 14 or 32, most aircraft, even the jets, will rotate before reaching your position.  You have an excellent opportunity to look down on them as they or after they have rotated.

Do not, under ANY circumstance, walk down the hill as you will be trespassing on airport property and the airport has done a lot to improve security over the years.  I cannot emphasize this enough.

Light here is awful from sunrise to sunset as you are looking into the sun nearly the entire day.  Any lens would work well here but keep in mind of your close proximity to Runway 14/32 and it is actually recommended to use an 18-55mm lens or even an 18-140mm or equivalent lens.




Runway 14 was the active runway the day these photos were taken.  The B-25 pictured belongs to the Collings Foundation.


Again, be mindful that you are parking in private property and the owners do have a right to ask you to leave and even call law enforcement over to make sure that happens.  Also, you are not to venture out beyond the hill - in other words, do not try to walk down the hill to get next to the runway.


There are multiple restaurants and retail establishments located within fifteen minutes of Monmouth Executive Airport.