Aircraft Spotting Pages - Atlantic City International Airport, New Jersey


About the Spots and What You Will See

Please note that there are NO LEGAL places anywhere around Atlantic City International Airport from which you can spot operations at the airport.  This was relayed to me by a member of the 177th Fighter Wing Security Forces, upon asked whether or not Security Forces will let you spot near the airport or not.  This includes parking off the side of the road to spot, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, walking, riding a scooter, and practically every other mode of transportation out there.

The 177th Fighter Wing apparently does not look too kindly on photographers and anyone attempting to take pictures or video of their F-16C Fighting Falcons while in the air.  This also applies to any transient traffic (and ACY does get a decent amount of transient traffic every week, most of which using the airport for pattern work) as well as Spirit Airlines' traffic, which is the only airline to conduct operations out of the airport.  It is unknown as to why the unit is so uptight about outsiders taking pictures and video of F-16s, of which there are over 1,000 in service with the USAF (even members of the unit are not allowed to take pictures of their aircraft without permission from higher-ups in the unit).


As stated above, any persons seen spotting near the airport perimeter will be asked to leave.  Use of deadly force is indeed authorized by security forces.