Aircraft Spotting Pages - Ocean City Municipal Airport (26N)


About the Spots

Spot A:  While there are three spots located on the map above, this is the only spot you can watch airplanes from.  Park in the parking lot once you turn into the airport and walk towards the fence where there are picnic benches and a nearby playground.  It is nearly impossible to take photos from here BUT if you are about 100 feet back from the fence, you can get away with photos.

Recommendation:  The light from sunrise until about 1:00 pm is excellent as the sun is practically behind you.  It is possible to take photos of aircraft if you stood about 100 feet away from the airport fence, but you would still need at least 300mm.

Spots B and CWhile there are three spots located on the map above, these spots are listed for reference only and it is not recommended to be used.  As you can see, Spot B is located off of W 28th Street and this is a residential area.  There is a dead end where you can get up close and personal to the runway and taxiway, but this is a narrow street and there is very little parking.  This is excellent for all Runway 6 activity and Runway 24 departures.  In addition, the residents (whether they are year-round or just summertime residents) will likely call the police and you will be asked to leave as you could potentially be trespassing on their private property.

Spot C is located in a small parking lot very near the intersection of Tennessee Avenue and Shelter Road.  It is on the approach to Runway 24 and very good for Runway 6 departures as well.  As of December 2016 I do not know the status of this parking lot and if it is private property or public property.


Activity at the Ocean City Municipal Airport

When the weather is ideal (low winds and visual flight rules prevailing), the Ocean City Municipal Airport sees a lot of activity from locally based pilots as well as pilots coming into the famous Airport Diner for breakfast and lunch.  Only once in the year (typically on a Saturday in September) the Ocean City Municipal Airport is opened up to the public for an airport day allowing everyone to walk out onto the main ramp and enjoy the activities at the airport, including static displays of World War II era aircraft.  The following Sunday is the Ocean City Airshow, and nearly all performing aircraft stage out of 26N (others that require a longer runway will either stage from Cape May County or Atlantic City).


Currently, if you remain in the area around Spot A, you should have no issues with photography.  As a general rule of thumb, photograph only the airplanes and not the passengers unless you are asked to do so by the pilot and passengers.

You are, AT NO TIME, permitted to go to spots B and C on the map.


There is a restaurant in the FBO on the airport as well as restrooms.  The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch and is highly recommended.  There are also multiple fast food and sit-down restaurants within Ocean City itself.