Aircraft Spotting Pages - Cross Keys Airport

The above map, with modifications, was provided by Google Earth.


About the Spots

Spot A:  This spot is located near the FBO, right off of Tuckahoe Road and puts you very close to all of the action on Runway 27.  There are two parking lots in this location, both on either side of the runway.  Both parking lots are very small, and there is a chance there could be no parking available.  As Runway 9/27 is right in front of you, any size lens will work here.  Depending on where you watch from, the sun will either be behind you or in your face.  There are no parking signs next to the runway along Tuckahoe Road and that is enforced by the local law enforcement.

Since you are in close proximity to aircraft and fuel trucks, NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED ANYWHERE ALONG THE AIRPORT.

Spot B:  This spot is located in the spectator watching area at Skydive Cross Keys.  You are nearly midway along Runway 9/27 and have clear view of all operations on Runway 9 and most operations on Runway 27.  There is a medium-sized gravel parking lot adjacent to here that does fill up when Skydive Cross Keys is hosting a large contingent of customers but there is indeed plenty of parking.  Any size lens works here but for anything along the runway, you are looking into the sun.  You do have an excellent view of skydiving operations as well as the landing zone.


Activity at Cross Keys Airport

Aside from general aviation aircraft based there, Cross Keys Airport sees a fair amount of transient operations.  Skydive Cross Keys has a sizeable operation on the airport and their Cessna 182 and Cessna 208 Caravan are almost always flying.  You may also see some biplanes operating in and out of the airport as well!


The airport is patrolled regularly by local law enforcement as well as the New Jersey State Police.  Do not attempt to gain access to the ramp without prior permission.  Again, you will likely be arrested and charged with trespassing if you do so.


There are also multiple fast food and sit-down restaurants within a fifteen minute drive from Cross Keys Airport.