Zinger Aviation Media - Services Provided


Videography:  Since 1999, Zinger Aviation Media has covered airshows through filming the entire airshow - from 1999 until 2012 as Steve's Airshow World and from 2013 onward as Zinger Aviation Media.  Since 2007, Zinger Aviation Media covers the entire airshow weekend's flying display by filming all airshow performances as best as possible, covering the airshow from the best vantage point possible behind the crowd line.  This is the emphasis of the Zinger Aviation Media mission statement.  Covering the entire flying display each show day is advantageous not just for the Zinger Aviation Media audience, but also for the airshow staff, airport staff, military public affairs office, the performers themselves, and even the local television media.

Currently, Zinger Aviation Media does not employ and GoPro or similar cameras but these videos can be provided, by request, to enhance videos, especially to insert GoPro videos on top of videos of the performance(s).

Since 2000, Zinger Aviation Media video has appeared on numerous local and nationally televised networks, including CN8, ESPN, and News 12 NJ, to name a few.  Video has also been featured on Science.

Photography:  Since 2005, Zinger Aviation Media also covers airshows through still photography.  These photos include, but are not limited to, the airshow's static display aircraft, airshow performers and their aircraft, and members of the airshow team.  Since 2013, selected photography by Steven Holzinger and Zinger Aviation Media have appeared in World Airshow News and other print media.

Beginning mid-2015, Zinger Aviation Media is available, by request, to cover special photo opportunities before and/or after the scheduled flying display.  This includes any unique group photo opportunities, air-to-air photography, pilot & airplane photo opportunities, and much more.

Airshows:  Keep in mind that Zinger Aviation Media is a one-person operation.  All requests made to airshows must be aware that only one person shall represent Zinger Aviation Media in any request unless specifically requested by and approved by Steven Holzinger. Any request by individuals not approved by Steven Holzinger and Zinger Aviation Media shall be deemed invalid.

Airports:  When it's not airshow season or during a break in the middle of the airshow season, Zinger Aviation Media will cover, depending on the amount of time that is available, opportunities to cover aviation spotting opportunities.  Photos and videos of normal operations at a small or large airport (and airlines) is advantageous for the airport for the positive feedback these photos and videos will provide. In addition, Zinger Aviation Media, while covering these operations, will work with local and federal law enforcement agencies to identify any suspicious and illegal activities that could arise or occur in these locations and report them accordingly.

Website & Social Media:  Zinger Aviation Media is maintained by Steven Holzinger and all material is provided via the website only.  Social media usage is for website announcements and for material not fit for the website.

If you have any questions regarding any services outside of the above listed, please feel free to contact Steven Holzinger via email or post your questions on social media.  These, of course, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Keep in mind that this is all done on spare time and is not considered a full-time occupation!

Purchasing Photos and Video:  Please contact Zinger Aviation Media for intent, usage, and rates.