Here is your chance to look up the schedules for any of the jet demonstration teams (single and multi-ship), look up the 2002 Airshow Schedule, and even contribute your own additions to my 2002 Airshow Schedule Page. Speaking of which, any additions can be sent tomy e-mail address and I will gladly add them as soon as I can. The 2002 Airshow Schedule Page will include little factual information I might provide about each show and a link leading to the airshow's corresponding website. Now, let's get to the schedules! In 2003, I will be providing schedules for everything listed here as well as any foreign demo team that has announced a North American or US tour. The only dates that will be listed on those pages are the tour dates.


I will be removing every page here soon except the schedule because it will no longer be of any use for 2002.


ATTORNEY GENERAL JOHN ASHCROFT said the decision to increase the country's color-coded alert system to indicate a "high risk of terrorist attacks" was driven in large measure by perceived threat overseas (REUTERS). CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THAT AND OTHER TOP STORES PROVIDED BY REUTERS AND YAHOO.





2002 Airshow Schedule Page

2002 Blue Angels Schedule

2002 Snowbirds Schedule

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2002 Parachute Team Schedules

2002 Air Combat Command Single Ship Demos, F-117, and B-2 Schedules

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2002 USMC and CF-18 Single Ship Demo Schedules