2019 Jet Team Schedules


Clicking on any hyperlink in the schedule will take you to my preview page for that show site,
indicating that I may be attending that particular airshow.

Keep in mind this is a combined list - all demos and teams will appear in one list.

Thunderbirds last updated:  December 4, 2017.
Blue Angels last updated:  December 7, 2017.
Snowbirds last updated:  N/A.
Golden Knights last updated:  N/A.
Leap Frogs last updated:  N/A.
ACC Demos last updated:  N/A.
Navy TACDEMOS last updated:  N/A.
CF-18 Demos last updated:  N/A.

Currently, only the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels' respective schedule for the 2019 season are online.
The teams have chosen to release schedules for the 2018 and 2019 airshow season
to give show sites more time to plan the respective airshows (i.e. garner performers, sponsorships, etc.).

All dates listed for the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds are preliminary and an updated
schedule will be released in December 2018.  The Snowbirds schedule for 2019 will also
be released at the same time as the updated schedules for the U.S. teams.

Please note that the "No Show" weekends listed for the Blue Angels are the direct result
of an accident investigation board recommendation that the Blue Angels have one week off about every eight weeks for rest.
This is the direct result of the findings of the tragic crash on June 2, 2016 that sadly claimed the life of USMC Captain Jeff Kuss.

Updates to the show sites will be done as locations are clarified.
When the schedules were released, they were released with the respective show sites and not locations.
Zinger Aviation Media has taken considerable guesses with regards to many locations based on the name of the airshow.
There are also several listings that were not included due to possible errors.


Dates Show Site Jet Team
March 16-17 TBD Thunderbirds
March 16 NAF El Centro, CA Blue Angels
March 23-24 Davis Monthan AFB, AZ Thunderbirds
March 23-24 Salinas, CA Blue Angels
March 30-31 Tyndall AFB, FL Thunderbirds
March 30-31 NAS Key West, FL Blue Angels
April 6-7 Waco, TX Thunderbirds
April 6-7 Lakeland, FL Blue Angels
April 13-14 Keesler AFB, MS Thunderbirds
April 13-14 NAS Corpus Christi, FL Blue Angels
April 27-28 Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC Thunderbirds
April 27-28 MCAS Beaufort, SC Blue Angels
May 4-5 Myrtle Beach, SC Thunderbirds
May 4-5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Blue Angels
May 4-5   Snowbirds
May 11-12 Joint Base Andrews, MD Thunderbirds
May 11-12 TBD Blue Angels
May 11-12   Snowbirds
May 18 Kirtland AFB, NM Thunderbirds
May 18-19 Cape Girardeau, MO Blue Angels
May 18-19   Snowbirds
May 22, 24 Annapolis, MD Blue Angels
May 25-26 Jones Beach, NY Thunderbirds
May 25-26 Avoca, PA Blue Angels
May 25-26   Snowbirds
June 1-2 Offutt AFB, NE Thunderbirds
June 1-2 Tinker AFB, OK Blue Angels
June 1-2   Snowbirds
June 8-9 TBD Thunderbirds
June 8-9 Smyrna, TN Blue Angels
June 8-9   Snowbirds
June 15-16 Mankato, MN Thunderbirds
June 15-16 Ocean City, MD Blue Angels
June 15-16   Snowbirds
June 22-23 Dayton, OH Thunderbirds
June 22-23 No Show Blue Angels
June 22-23   Snowbirds
June 29-30 North Kingstown, RI Thunderbirds
June 29-30 Davenport, IA Blue Angels
June 29-30   Snowbirds
July 1 Ottawa, ON Snowbirds
July 6-7 Fort Wayne, IN Thunderbirds
July 6-7 Kansas City, MO Blue Angels
July 6-7   Snowbirds
July 13-14 TBD Thunderbirds
July 13 Pensacola Beach, FL Blue Angels
July 13-14   Snowbirds
July 20-21 Fargo, ND Thunderbirds
July 20-21 Duluth, MN Blue Angels
July 20-21   Snowbirds
July 27-28 Milwaukee, WI Thunderbirds
July 27-28 Grand Junction, CO Blue Angels
July 27-28   Snowbirds
August 3-4 TBD Blue Angels
August 3-4   Snowbirds
August 10-11 Abbotsford, BC Thunderbirds,
August 17-18 Sioux Falls, SD Thunderbirds
August 17-18 Chicago, IL Blue Angels
August 17-18   Snowbirds
August 21 Atlantic City, NJ Thunderbirds
August 24-25 Rochester, NY Thunderbirds
August 24-25 New Windsor, NY Blue Angels
August 24-25   Snowbirds
August 31-September 1 Cleveland, OH Thunderbirds
August 31-September 1 TBD Blue Angels
August 31-September 1 Toronto, ON Snowbirds
September 7-8 Grissom AFB, IN Thunderbirds
September 7-8 Chesterfield, MO Blue Angels
September 7-8   Snowbirds
September 14-15 Reno, NV Thunderbirds
September 14-15 No Show Blue Angels
September 14-15   Snowbirds
September 21-22 NAS Oceana, VA Thunderbirds
September 21-22 NAS Lemoore, CA Blue Angels
September 21-22   Snowbirds
September 28-29 Robins AFB, GA Thunderbirds
September 28-29 MCAS Miramar, CA Blue Angels
September 28-29   Snowbirds
October 5-6 San Juan, PR Thunderbirds
October 5-6 Sacramento, CA Blue Angels
October 5-6   Snowbirds
October 12-13 Hampton, GA Thunderbirds
October 12-13 San Francisco, CA Blue Angels
October 12-13   Snowbirds
October 19-20 Houston, TX Thunderbirds
October 19-20 Fort Worth, TX Blue Angels
October 19-20   Snowbirds
October 26-27 Sheppard AFB, TX Thunderbirds
October 26-27 Moody AFB, GA Blue Angels
November 2-3 Punta Gorda, FL Thunderbirds
November 2-3 Jacksonville Beach, FL Blue Angels
November 9-10 Nellis AFB, NV Thunderbirds
November 8-9 NAS Pensacola, FL Blue Angels