2015 Jet Team Schedules

Clicking on any hyperlink in the schedule will take you to my preview page for that show site,
indicating that I may be attending that particular airshow.

Jet team and parachute team schedules current as of September 4, 2015.
Recent update includes one show date deletion, listed in red, for the Thunderbirds, due to an airshow cancellation.

Parachute team schedules will also appear on this page.  Please note that not all of them are airshows!

In addition, the Breitling Jet Team announced a 2015 North American tour.  Their tour schedule also appears here.

Please note that as of September 1, 2015, all Golden Knights appearances are suspended until further notice.


Please e-mail me if you are aware of any changes that must be made to this schedule.

Click here for the TACDEMO Schedules for 2015.


Dates Show Site Jet Team
February 1 SUPER BOWL FLYOVER Thunderbirds
February 22 DAYTONA 500 FLYOVER Thunderbirds
Las Vegas, NV
March 14 NAF El Centro, CA Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
March 14-15 Titusville, FL Thunderbirds
March 21-22 Melbourne, FL Blue Angels
March 21-22 Lancaster, CA Thunderbirds
March 28-29 Punta Gorda, FL Golden Knights
March 28-29 Keesler AFB, MS Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
March 28-29 Tuscaloosa, AL Blue Angels
April 11-12 MCAS Beaufort, SC Blue Angels
April 11-12 Tyndall AFB, FL Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
April 18 Louisville, KY Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights (18-19)
April 18-19 NAS Corpus Christi, TX Blue Angels
April 25-26 Vidalia, GA Blue Angels
April 25-26 Lakeland, FL Breitling Jet Team (20-26),
May 1 Moose Jaw, SK Snowbirds
May 2 Manassas, VA Breitling Jet Team
May 2-3 Dyess AFB, TX Thunderbirds
May 2-3 Barksdale AFB, LA Blue Angels,
Golden Knights,
Leap Frogs
May 9-10 Dallas, GA Snowbirds
May 9-10 Davenport, IA Blue Angels
May 9-10 Millville, NJ Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
May 16-17 Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC Thunderbirds
May 16-17 Westover ARB, MA Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
May 20-22 United States Naval Academy Blue Angels
May 23-24 Columbia, MO Snowbirds,
Golden Knights
May 23-24 Jones Beach, NY Thunderbirds,
Breitling Jet Team,
Golden Knights
May 27 Anderson, SC Snowbirds
May 28 USAFA FLYOVER Thunderbirds
May 30-31 Aurora, CO Thunderbirds
May 30-31 North Kingstown, RI Blue Angels,
Breitling Jet Team,
Leap Frogs
June 3 North Bay, ON Snowbirds
June 6-7 Rockford, IL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
June 6-7 Waco, TX Thunderbirds
June 10 Fort Francis, ON Snowbirds
June 13-14 Rimouski, QC Snowbirds
June 13-14 College World Series Golden Knights
June 13-14 Whiteman AFB, MO Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
June 13-14 Ocean City, MD Blue Angels,
Breitling Jet Team
June 20-21 Latrobe, PA Blue Angels
June 20-21 Dayton, OH Thunderbirds,
Breitling Jet Team,
Golden Knights
June 20-21 Bagotville, QC Snowbirds,
Golden Knights
June 24 Goderich, ON Snowbirds
June 27-28 Mankato, MN Thunderbirds
June 27-28 Evansville, IN Blue Angels,
June 30 Gatineau, QC Snowbirds
July 3-4 Dubuque, IA Golden Knights
July 4-5 Wasaga Beach, ON Snowbirds
July 4-5 Eau Claire, WI Blue Angels
July 4-5 Traverse City, MI Thunderbirds
July 8 Winnepeg, MB Snowbirds
July 11-12 Saskatoon, SK Snowbirds
July 11-12 Gary, IN Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
July 11 Pensacola Beach, FL Blue Angels
July 15 Prince Albert, SK Snowbirds
July 18-19 Airdrie, AB Snowbirds
July 18-19 Hillsboro, OR Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
July 18-19 Niagara Falls, NY Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
July 22 Rocky Mountain House, AB Snowbirds
July 22 Cheyenne, WY Thunderbirds
July 22-24 Oshkosh, WI Breitling Jet Team
July 25 Lethbridge, AB Snowbirds
July 25-26 Milwaukee, WI Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights,
Leap Frogs
July 25-26 Fargo, ND Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
July 29 Fort St. John, BC Snowbirds
August 1-2 Seattle, WA Blue Angels,
Breitling Jet Team
August 1-2 Quesnel, BC Snowbirds
August 5 Penticon, BC Snowbirds
August 8-9 Abbotsford, BC Snowbirds,
Breitling Jet Team
August 8-9 LaCrosse, WI Thunderbirds
August 12 Victoria, BC Snowbirds
August 15 Comox, BC Snowbirds
August 15-16 Ellsworth AFB, SD Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
August 15-16 Chicago, IL Blue Angels,
Breitling Jet Team,
Golden Knights,
Leap Frogs
August 22-23 Binghamton, NY Golden Knights
August 22-23 Kansas City, MO Blue Angels,
Golden Knights,
Leap Frogs
August 22-23 Minden, NV Thunderbirds
August 22-23 Moncton, NB Snowbirds
August 26 St. John, NB Snowbirds
August 29-30 Drummondville, QC Snowbirds
August 29-30 Ypsilanti, MI Blue Angels
August 29-30 Midland, TX Thunderbirds
September 2 Atlantic City, NJ Blue Angels,
Breitling Jet Team,
Golden Knights
September 2 Brantford, ON Snowbirds
September 5-7 Toronto, ON Snowbirds,
Breitling Jet Team
September 5-6 Brunswick, ME Blue Angels
September 5-7 Cleveland, OH Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights,
Breitling Jet Team (6-7)
September 8 Whitby, ON Snowbirds
September 12-13 Reading, PA Golden Knights
September 12-13 Waukegan, IL Snowbirds,
Golden Knights
September 12-13 Owensboro, KY Thunderbirds
September 12-13 Fort Worth, TX Blue Angels,
Breitling Jet Team
September 17 Niagara Falls, ON Snowbirds
September 16-20 Reno, VA Breitling Jet Team
September 19-20 Sparta, TN Golden Knights
September 19-20 NAS Oceana, VA Blue Angels
September 19-20 Joint Base Andrews, MD Thunderbirds
September 20 Ottawa, ON Snowbirds
September 26-27 Salinas, CA Golden Knights
September 26-27 Santa Rosa, CA Snowbirds
September 26-27 Millington, TN Thunderbirds
September 26-27 Naval Base Ventura County, CA Blue Angels,
Breitling Jet Team
October 3-4 Liberty State Park, NJ Golden Knights
October 3-4 MCAS Miramar, CA Blue Angels,
Breitling Jet Team,
Golden Knights
October 3-4 Sacramento, CA Thunderbirds
October 10-11 West Chester, PA Golden Knights
October 10-11 Washington, D.C. Golden Knights
October 10-11 Grand Junction, CO Thunderbirds
October 10-11 San Francisco, CA Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
October 17-18 Houston, TX Thunderbirds,
Breitling Jet Team
October 17-18 MCAS Kaneohe Bay, HI Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
October 24-25 El Paso, TX Golden Knights
October 24-25 Lake Charles, LA Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
October 24-25 Jacksonville Beach, FL Blue Angels
October 31-November 1 Stuart, FL Golden Knights
October 31-November 1 Joint Base Randolph, TX Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
October 31-November 1 Peachtree City, GA Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
November 7-8 Salute To Military Service Celebration Golden Knights
November 7-8 Moody AFB, GA Thunderbirds
November 6-7 NAS Pensacola, FL Blue Angels