2008 Jet Team Schedules

This list also includes show sites that will have appearances by all of the North American military parachute teams.

Clicking on any hyperlink in the schedule will take you to my preview page for that show site,
indicating that I will most likely be attending that particular airshow.

Jet team schedule current as of January 24, 2008.

Golden Knights schedule current as of December 13, 2007.

Red Arrows North American Tour Dates have been added to this schedule.

Please e-mail me if you are aware of any changes that must be made to this schedule.

The 2008 Single Ship Demo Team Schedules will not appear on ZINGER AVIATION MEDIA - please follow
the following links below for the schedules of the single ship demo teams.

A-10 West Demo Team F/A-18C - VFA-106
F-15 West Demo Team F/A-18F - VFA-106
F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Team F/A-18C - VFA-125
Viper East Demo Team F/A-18F - VFA-122
Viper West Demo Team AV-8B Harrier
F-22 Raptor Demo Team MV-22 Osprey
  CF-18 Hornet - 3 Wing


Dates Show Site Jet Team
March 8 NAF El Centro, CA Blue Angels
March 13-16 South Padre Island, TX Golden Knights
March 15 San Angelo, TX Thunderbirds
March 15-16 Sacramento, CA Blue Angels
March 29 Tyndall AFB, FL Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
March 29-30 NAS Meridian, MS Blue Angels
April 5 Slidell, LA Golden Knights
April 5-6 Punta Gorda, FL Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
April 5-6 NAS Kingsville, TX Blue Angels
April 12-13 Lakeland, FL Thunderbirds
April 12-13 Smyrna, TN Blue Angels
April 19-20 Wilmington, NC Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
April 19-20 Peoria, IL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
April 26 Charleston AFB, SC Thunderbirds
April 26 Jackson, MS Golden Knights
April 26-27 Vidalia, GA Blue Angels
May 3-4 March ARB, CA Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
May 3 Richmond, VA
(NASCAR race)
Blue Angels
May 3-4 MacDill AFB, FL Snowbirds
May 3-4 -- Golden Knights
May 7 Anderson, SC Snowbirds
May 7 Myrtle Beach, SC Golden Knights
May 10 Laughlin AFB, TX Thunderbirds
May 10-11 Barksdale AFB, LA Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
May 10-11 Pittsburgh, PA Snowbirds
May 14 Duluth, MI Snowbirds
May 17-18 Fort Smith, AR Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
May 17-18 Andrews AFB, MD Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
May 17-18 Malmstrom AFB, MT Snowbirds
May 21 Cranbrook, BC Snowbirds
May 21-23 US Naval Academy, MD Blue Angels
May 24 Tinker AFB, OK Thunderbirds
May 24-25 Jones Beach, NY Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
May 24-25 Janesville, WI Snowbirds,
Golden Knights
May 28 USAF Academy, CO Thunderbirds
May 31 Portage, MB Snowbirds
May 31-June 1 McGuire AFB, NJ Thunderbirds
May 31-June 1 -- Blue Angels
May 31-June 1 Danville, VA Golden Knights
June 1 Brandon, MB Snowbirds
June 4 Kapuskasing, ON Snowbirds
June 7-8 Rockford, IL Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
June 7-8 MCAS Cherry Point, NC Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
June 7-8 Montreal F1, QC Snowbirds
June 10 Magog, QC Snowbirds
June 13-15 Quebec City, QC Thunderbirds,
Blue Angels,
Red Arrows,
Patrouille de France,
Canadian Sky Hawks
June 18 Kingston, ON Snowbirds
June 20-22 Langley AFB, VA Red Arrows
June 21 Klamath Falls, OR Thunderbirds
June 21-22 Davenport, IA Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
June 21-22 Sioux City, IA Golden Knights
June 21-22 CFB Borden, ON Snowbirds
June 24 Eielson AFB, AK Thunderbirds
June 25 Goderich, ON Snowbirds
June 26 New York City, NY
(flyover only)
Red Arrows
June 28-29 Elmendorf AFB, AK Thunderbirds
June 28-29 Huntsville, AL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
June 28-29 Evansville, IN Golden Knights
June 28-29 Ottawa, ON Snowbirds
June 28-29 North Kingstown, RI Red Arrows
July 1 Ottawa, ON Snowbirds
July 3 Dubuque, IA Golden Knights
July 4 Stampede Snowbirds
July 4-6 Battle Creek, MI Thunderbirds
July 5-6 Traverse City, MI Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
July 5-6 Cape Girardeau, MO Golden Knights
July 11 Pensacola Beach, FL Blue Angels
July 12-13 Milwaukee, WI Thunderbirds
July 16 Thompson, MB Snowbirds
July 19 Yellowknife, NWT Snowbirds
July 19-20 Gary, IN Golden Knights
July 20 Edmonton Grand Prix Snowbirds
July 19-20 McChord AFB, WA Thunderbirds
July 19-20 Duluth, MN Blue Angels
July 23 Cheyenne, WY Thunderbirds
July 23 Prince George, BC Snowbirds
July 26-27 Rochester, NY Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
July 26-27 Twin Falls, ID Blue Angels
July 26-27 Helena, MT Golden Knights
July 26-27 Wetaskiwin, AB Snowbirds
July 30 White Rock, BC Snowbirds
August 1 -- Snowbirds
August 2-3 Seattle, WA Blue Angels
August 3 Dawson Creek, BC Snowbirds
August 6 Penticton, BC Snowbirds
August 8-10 Abbotsford, BC Thunderbirds,
August 9-10 Fairchild AFB, WA Blue Angels
August 13 Rocky Mountain House, AB Snowbirds
August 16 Springbank, AB Snowbirds
August 16-17 Offutt AFB, NE Thunderbirds
August 16-17 Chicago, IL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
August 16-17 Yankton, SD Golden Knights
August 20 Atlantic City, NJ Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
August 23 Moose Jaw, SK Snowbirds
August 23-24 Kansas City, MO Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
August 23-24 Indianapolis, IN Golden Knights
August 27 Welland, ON Snowbirds
August 30-31 Travis AFB, CA Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
August 30-September 1 Toronto, ON Snowbirds
August 30-September 1 Cleveland, OH Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
September 2 Van denBos School Snowbirds
September 6-7 Westover ARB, MA Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
September 6-7 NAS Brunswick, ME Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
September 6-7 Halifax, NS Snowbirds
September 10 Stephenville, NL Snowbirds
September 12-13 Reno, NV Thunderbirds
September 14 Mountain Home AFB, ID Thunderbirds
September 13-14 Eau Claire, WI Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
September 13-14 Summerside, PEI Snowbirds
September 20-21 Scott AFB, IL Thunderbirds
September 20-21 NAS Oceana, VA Blue Angels
September 20-21 Midland, TX Golden Knights
September 20-21 Victoria, BC Snowbirds
September 24 Tri-Cities, WA Snowbirds
September 27-28 Salinas, CA Thunderbirds
September 27-28 Grand Junction, CO Blue Angels
September 27-28 Chico, CA Snowbirds
September 27-28 Parkersberg, WV Golden Knights
October 1 Douglas, AZ Snowbirds
October 4 Vance AFB, OK Thunderbirds
October 4-5 MCAS Miramar, CA Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
October 4-5 El Paso, TX Golden Knights
October 11-12 Fort Worth, TX Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
October 11-12 West Chester, PA Golden Knights
October 11-12 San Francisco, CA Blue Angels,
October 17 CFB Moose Jaw, SK Snowbirds
October 18-19 Dobbins ARB, GA Thunderbirds
October 18-19 Little Rock, AR Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
October 18-19 Huntington Beach, CA Golden Knights
October 25-26 Houston, TX Thunderbirds
October 25-26 NAS Jacksonville, FL Blue Angels
November 1-2 Lafayette, LA Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
November 1-2 Lackland AFB, TX Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
November 8-9 Nellis AFB, NV Thunderbirds
November 8-9 Cape Canaveral, FL Blue Angels
November 14-15 NAS Pensacola, FL Blue Angels