2004 Jet Team Schedules

Single-ship military demos are listed on a separate page, linked below the jet team schedules.

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March 13 NAF El Centro, CA Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
March 20-21 NAS Lemoore, CA Blue Angels
March 27-28 Tyndall AFB, FL Blue Angels
March 27-28 Punta Gorda, FL Thunderbirds
April 3-4 MacDill AFB, FL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
April 4-5 Eglin AFB, FL Thunderbirds
April 13 Indian Springs AFAF, NV Thunderbirds
April 17-18 NAS Meridian, MS Blue Angels
April 24 Keesler AFB, MS Black Daggers
April 24-25 MCAS Beaufort, SC Blue Angels
April 24-25 March ARB, CA Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights,
Leap Frogs
May 1-2 Millville, NJ Thunderbirds
May 1-2 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
May 5 NAS Key West, FL Snowbirds
May 8-9 Lake City, FL Thunderbirds
May 8-9 NAS Atlanta, GA Blue Angels
May 8-9 Vidalia, GA Snowbirds
May 12 Wilmington, NC Snowbirds
May 15-16 Dover AFB, DE Thunderbirds,
Black Daggers
May 15-16 Andrews AFB, MD Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
May 19 Grande Valle, PQ Snowbirds
May 21-23 Langley AFB, VA Thunderbirds (23),
Golden Knights
May 22-23 Summerside, PEI Snowbirds
May 22-23 NAS Kingsville, TX Blue Angels
May 22 Charleston AFB, SC Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
May 26 Nunavut, NU Snowbirds
May 26 Annapolis, MD Blue Angels
May 29-30 Jones Beach, NY Blue Angels
May 29-30 Moffett Field, CA Thunderbirds
May 29-30 Riviere Duloup, PQ Snowbirds
June 2 US Air Force Academy Thunderbirds
June 5-6 CFB Winnipeg, MB Snowbirds
June 5-6 Myrtle Beach, SC Blue Angels
June 5-6 Maxwell AFB, AL Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
June 5-6 Little Rock AFB, AR Golden Knights
June 9 Virden, MB Snowbirds
June 12 Hill AFB, UT Thunderbirds
June 13 NAS Fallon, NV Thunderbirds
June 12-13 LaCrosse, WI Blue Angels
June 13 CFB Moose Jaw, SK Snowbirds
June 16 Hanover, ON Snowbirds
June 19-20 Sarnia, ON Snowbirds
June 19-20 Oklahoma City, OK Blue Angels
June 19-20 Quonset Point, RI Thunderbirds
June 19-20 Pittsburgh, PA Golden Knights
June 19-20 Travis AFB, CA Golden Knights
June 23 St. Isidore, PQ Snowbirds
June 24 St. Georges, PQ Snowbirds
June 25-27 London, ON Snowbirds
June 26-27 Elmendorf AFB, AK Blue Angels
June 26-27 Janesville, WI Thunderbirds
June 26-27 Davenport, IA Golden Knights
July 1 Ottawa, ON Snowbirds
July 3-4 Muskegon, MI Snowbirds
July 3-4 Traverse City, MI Blue Angels
July 3-4 Kansas City, MO Thunderbirds
July 9-10 Pensacola Beach, FL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
July 10-11 Binghamton, NY Thunderbirds,
Black Daggers
July 17-18 CFB Cold Lake, AB Snowbirds,
Sky Hawks
July 17-18 Rochester, NY Blue Angels
July 17-18 Gary, IN Golden Knights
July 21 Cheyenne, WY Thunderbirds
July 21 Inuvik, NT Snowbirds
July 24 Yellowknife, NT Snowbirds
July 25 Peace River, AB Snowbirds
July 24-25 Peoria, IL Blue Angels
July 24-25 Fairchild AFB, WA Thunderbirds
July 28 Watson Lake, YT Snowbirds
July 31 Williams Lake, BC Snowbirds
July 31-August 1 Mt. Comfort, IN Thunderbirds
August 1 Kelowna, BC Snowbirds
August 4 Wetaskawin, AB Snowbirds
August 7-8 Seattle, WA Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
August 7-8 Lethbridge, AB Snowbirds,
Golden Knights
August 11 Vancouver, BC Snowbirds
August 13-15 Abbotsford, BC Snowbirds
August 14-15 Westover ARB, MA Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
August 14-15 Minot AFB, ND Leap Frogs
August 14-15 Hillsboro, OR Blue Angels
August 18 Atlantic City, NJ Thunderbirds
August 21-22 Saskatoon, SK Snowbirds
August 21-22 Chicago, IL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
August 21-22 Offut AFB, NE Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
August 25 Lynn Lake, MB Snowbirds
August 28-29 Niagara Falls, NY Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
August 28-29 St. Catherines, ON Snowbirds
August 28-29 Toledo, OH Thunderbirds,
Leap Frogs
August 28-29 Lancaster, PA Black Daggers
August 28-29 Scott AFB, IL Golden Knights
September 1 Brantford, ON Snowbirds
September 3-6 Cleveland, OH Golden Knights
September 4 Ellsworth AFB, SD Thunderbirds
September 4-6 Toronto, ON Snowbirds
September 4-6 St. Louis, MO Blue Angels
Golden Knights
September 11-12 CFB Shearwater, NS Blue Angels,
September 11 Anderson AFB, Guam Thunderbirds
September 14 Kadena, AB, Japan Thunderbirds
September 15 Pictou, NS Snowbirds
September 16 Kunsan AB, Korea Thunderbirds
September 18-19 Sherbrooke, PQ Snowbirds
September 18-19 Nantucket, MA Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
September 18-19 Scott AFB, IL Leap Frogs
September 19 Osan AFB, Korea Thunderbirds
September 25-26 McConnell AFB, KS Snowbirds
Golden Knights
September 25-26 NAS Oceana, VA Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
September 25-26 Hyakuri AB, Japan Thunderbirds
September 29 Tucumcari, NM Snowbirds,
Leap Frogs
September 30 Misawa AB, Japan Thunderbirds
October 3 Hamamatsu AB, Japan Thunderbirds
October 2-3 Salinas, CA Blue Angels,
October 2-3 Midland, TX Golden Knights
October 9-10 MCAS Kaneohe Bay, HI Blue Angels
October 9-10 Redding, CA Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights
October 9-10 San Francisco, CA Snowbirds
October 15 CFB Moose Jaw, SK Snowbirds
October 16-17 Houston, TX Thunderbirds
October 16-17 MCAS Miramar, CA Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
October 16-17 Pompano Beach, FL Leap Frogs
October 16-17 West Chester, PA Black Daggers
October 23 Andrews, NC Black Daggers
October 23-24 El Paso, TX Thunderbirds
October 23-24 NAS/JRB New Orleans, LA Blue Angels,
Leap Frogs
October 30-31 Lafayette, LA Thunderbirds
October 30-31 NAS Jacksonville, FL Blue Angels,
Golden Knights
November 6 Camden, SC Thunderbirds
November 7 Seymour Johnson AFB, NC Thunderbirds
November 6-7 Key West, FL Blue Angels
November 6-7 Lackland AFB, TX Leap Frogs
November 13-14 NAS Pensacola, FL Blue Angels
November 13-14 Nellis AFB, NV Thunderbirds,
Golden Knights

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