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All photographs, unless otherwise stated, are copyrighted to Steven Holzinger and Zinger Aviation Media.  You are welcome to save these photographs to your computer and use them for not-for-profit purposes only.  Examples of which include, but not limited to, personal computer desktop backgrounds, classroom assignments, reference files, and even slideshow videos on YouTube.  Basically, as long as you are not making any money off of the photograph, you are free to use it however you choose.  Please note, that out of respect, that you source the photographs back to Zinger Aviation Media.  All photography appearing on the Zinger Aviation Media Facebook Page is copyrighted to Steven Holzinger and Zinger Aviation Media, unless otherwise stated.



All videos that are found on Zinger Aviation Media and on the Zinger Aviation Media YouTube Channel are copyrighted to Steven Holzinger and Zinger Aviation Media.  You are FORBIDDEN to use ANY VIDEO for any reason without written permission from Steven Holzinger.  You agree to the terms found on this page in regards to enjoying all of the videos Zinger Aviation Media provides.

Any music played by an airshow is copyrighted to the artists who recorded the music, and whose music was given permission to be played by the airshow as a result of a licensing payment made by the airshow to the respective recording labels.  Therefore, no copyright infringement is occurring when the said music is being played over the airshow public address system.  If you would like to receive more information on this criteria, please contact the International Council of Air Shows.




Zinger Aviation Media is copyrighted to Steven Holzinger.  All information found on any airshow report is the opinion of Steven Holzinger and is not meant to suggest any ownership or endorsement of a show site or airshow performer.  Performer listings found in any of the airshow previews have come from several sources across the Internet, as well as from airshow performers themselves.  Links found on Zinger Aviation Media are just that - links.  No ownership or endorsement is intended.

Please also note that no performer or aircraft is being used, have ever been used, or will ever be used to promote Zinger Aviation Media.  Photographs of aircraft used as the main header image for the site were taken by Steven Holzinger to cover the specified airshow/event and are not being used to promote that airplane/performer or as an endorsement of said airplane/performer.


Privacy Policy

Zinger Aviation Media respects your privacy.  At no time will any personal information be added to any mailing list or compromised in any way.  As a respect of kindness, Zinger Aviation Media asks you to do the same.