Photo Gallery
Nanchang Formation Photo Flight


The photos on this page represent an air-to-air photo shoot that was conducted during a routine training formation flight between three Nanchang CJ-6s in late March 2018.  I was in the third CJ-6, flown by Carey O'Donnell, and the two aircraft featured here are flown by Robert Mortara and Matthew Vadas with Mort Stovreud in the back seat.  The flight took place over Southern New Jersey, specifically Burlington and Atlantic Counties.  No aerobatics were flown here; it was mainly to gain formation proficiency.  And yes, it was cold up there!

Photos in the slideshow below were taken from Carey's CJ-6.  Apologies for the large copyrights in each photo - this is necessary in this day and age where photos are widely stolen and passed along as if they are one's own.  I want to thank Carey O'Donnell for taking me up in his CJ-6 to allow these photos to be taken.