2003 New York International Airshow Videos

New York ANG C-5A Galaxy Demonstration

US Army Black Knights of the Hudson - Flag Jump

Nieuport & Great Lakes - WWI Performance

F/A-18C Hornet - Departure from SWF

Allen Smith - L-39 Albatross - Performance

Rob Holland - Pitts - Debut Performance

Michael Mancuso - Klein Tools Extra 300L - Performance

Walt Addison Linscott - Yak-55 - Performance

CF-18 Hornet Demonstration - Entire Performance

Chuck Lischer - Newgold F-260 - Performance

F-15 Eagle East Coast Demo Team - Entire Performance

USAF Heritage Flight - F-15 & P-51 - All Passes

US Navy Blue Angels - Fat Albert - Performance

US Navy Blue Angels - High Show

Various Aircraft Movements Throughout the Day