1999 Miramar Airshow

Rewritten May 1, 2000

Well, there's really nothing big to say here, so I will start by saying that this was a GREAT airshow! While going out to see this airshow, that was my first time out in sunny California, and, of course, the first time I've ever been to Miramar. The show marks the second time the Marines have hosted the airshow, and the last Marine airshow of the Millenium. What a great way to end 1999! I forgot, I got two more shows to go to... whoops. Anyways, here's my stats and reviews:

Military Aircraft (in performances)

B-1B Lancer

F-16C Fighting Falcon

A-10 Warthog

F-117 Nighthawk

P-51D Mustang

NA-50 Trainer

F-4U1 Corsair

F8F Bearcat

T-28 Trojan

B-25 Mitchell

KC-130 Hercules

CH-53E Sea Stallion

CH-46 Sea Knight

AH-1U Cobra

UH-1 Huey

F/A-18 Hornet

S-3A Viking


US Navy Blue Angels

Fat Albert

Dave Eastman

John Collver

Jan Collmer

Chuck Lischer

Eddie Andreini

Tim Weber

Scott Hammack and Smoke n Thunder

Bret Willat

Bill Reesman

Red Baron Stearman Squadron

US Army Golden Knights

Navy Leap Frogs


Barnstormer's Sky Show


Gordon Bowman-Jones

Sandy Sanders

Day Show Review

After arriving at the MCAS around 8:30AM July 31, it was very cloudy and foggy. I assume that's typical SoCal weather. The clouds and fog lifted by 10AM, thus giving way to absolutely clear skies with very little wind. The daylight show was very well put together, with the MAGTF demonstration, the warbird pilots, the performers, the Barnstormer's Sky Show, demos by the A-10 (that was AWESOME!), F-16, a Heritage Flight, F-117, and surprise visit by a B-1 Lancer. The show rounded off with the awesome performances by Fat Albert and the Blue Angels.

Twilight Show Review

I have never been to a Twilight Show in my life before Miramar. As short the Twilight Show was, it was excellent! The Red Barons, the Barnstormers, Jan Collmer all put on very nice demonstrations. Too bad none of them found their way onto my videotaping. The F/A-18 Hornet Assault demonstration was another of my twilight favorites. As dark came around, it was COLD! But things heated up! Fat Albert put on an awesome display with its JATO rockets, Bret Wilat with his nighttime sailplane act, the Golden Knights and the Leap Frogs with a spectacular parachute demo, Eddie Andreini in the Stearman, the Red Bull Mig, Smoke-n-Thunder racing the Mig, and an S-3 countermeasures demo. Concluding the show was a spectacular fireworks display and the Great Wall of Fire (that felt GOOD!!).

A few disappointments

Overall Score:

Day Show: 9 (lack of above demonstrations)

Twilight Show: 10 (overall perfect)