2006 Joint Services Open House

Andrews AFB, Maryland

May 20-21, 2006

Airshow report written on May 25, 2006.



Performer Brief:  F-15E Strike Eagle


The only reason why I am doing this performer brief on a military aircraft is because this is the first time I have gotten a chance to catch the newest Air Combat Command single-ship demonstration, the F-15E Strike Eagle.  The F-15E has been around for about twenty years now, and since then, has not had any kind of aerial display in front of North American airshow audiences.  With the phase-out of the F-15 East Coast Demo Team by the end of this year, the Strike Eagle Demo Team fills the void left by the Langley Eagle Team as well as a void that's been around since the Strike Eagle made its first flight and entered service.  The F-15 Eagle East Coast Demo Team will stand down this November, making room for the F-22 Raptor Demo Team in 2008 (which was supposed to launch in 2007 but was held back another year for unknown reasons).  F-15 West will still be doing shows, so don't worry about that.

The F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Team consists of pilots and maintainers from the 4th Fighter Wing, based at Seymour-Johnson AFB in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  Captains Al "Jewel" Kennedy and Jason "Woody" Stallworth are the pilot and WIZO for the demonstration, which kicked off its first public demonstration in Fort Smith, Arkansas this past March.  While the Strike Eagle looks very similar to the regular Eagle, it is a completely different airplane on the inside and outside.  Both aircraft are powered by the Pratt & Whitney F100-229 engines, but the Strike Eagle has a crew of two over the Eagle's crew of one.  Conformal fuel tanks are installed along the engine intakes of the Strike Eagle, and on the fuel tanks themselves are three additional hardpoints, mainly used for 500lb bombs.  Overall, the Strike Eagle is painted in Gunship Grey (which is FS36118 for you modelers out there) while the smaller Eagle is in a two-tone grey (FS36176 and FS36251).  The Strike Eagle has a slightly larger combat radius than the Eagle but at the same time, can carry more payloads than the Eagle, which can reduce its range.

The Strike Eagle demo profile is somewhat similar to the F-15C demo profile with two exceptions.  It is the basic F-15 Eagle demo profile minus a couple of maneuvers and the addition of two attack passes, which are never seen in the fighter demonstrations.  Jewel and Woody are Heritage Flight qualified pilots and are qualified to fly formations of up to four aircraft, as with the rest of the ACC Demo Teams.  On the hot ramp or the static ramp, the Strike Eagle looks very menacing, while the basic F-15C Eagle looks rather sleek.  In the northeast, you can see the Strike Eagle perform at Burlington, VT in August as well as in Atlantic City, which takes place a mere four days after Burlington's airshow.  If you are able to get out to an airshow with the F-15E Strike Eagle in its lineup, do it.  Click here to view the Strike Eagle Demo Team's home page.


Static Display Aircraft at Andrews AFB, May 20-21, 2006


Aircraft Squadron/Wing Home Base Registration Remarks
A-10 Thunderbolt II 23rd FG Pope AFB, NC 80-0208  
A-26 Invader Commemorative Air Force   44-35911, N6840D  
AC-130E Hercules 16th SOW Hurlburt Field, FL 69-6572 2
AH-1W Cobra   Johnstown, PA 164594  
AH-64A Apache        
AV-8B Harrier VMA-231 MCAS Cherry Point, NC 164552  
B-1B Lancer 7th BW Dyess AFB, TX 86-0133  
B-17F Flying Fortress     41-24485, N3703G  
B-24 Liberator Commemorative Air Force   44-02366, N24927  
B-25J Mitchell Rag Wings and Radials   44-30734, N9079Z  
B-52 Stratofortress 2nd BW Barksdale AFB, LA 60-0035  
Bombardier ?????     N88  
BT-13 Valiant Commemorative Air Force   N56360  
C-2A Greyhound VRC-30 NAS North Island, CA    
C-5B Galaxy 60th AW Travis AFB, CA 86-0026 2
C-9B Skytrain 89th AW Andrews AFB, MD    
C-12 King Air US Customs/Border Patrol   N7166P  
C-12 King Air     24 380  
C-21A Learjet 457th AS Andrews AFB, MD 84-0077  
C-17 Globemaster III 172nd AW Jackson, MS 03-3118 2
C-26 Metro     910504  
C-35 Citation     41569  
C-40C Clipper     20203  
C-45 Expedition Commemorative Air Force   KJ508, N70GA  
C-54E Skymaster   Queens, NY N500EJ 1
C-130 Hercules 403rd WG Keesler AFB, MS 65-0963 2
Cessna Citation II Homeland Security   N26494  
CH-46 Sea Knight     157680 Jolly Green Scheme
CH-47 Chinnok       1
CH-53E Super Stallion HMT-302 MCAS Cherry Point, NC 164537 1
CH-53E Super Stallion     165252 Jolly Green Scheme
Dauphin Maryland State Police Frederick, MD   2
Douglas DC-3     N44V Piedmont Airlines
E-2C Hawkeye 2000 VAW-120 NAVSTA Norfolk, VA 165818, AD-650  
E-3B Sentry   Tinker AFB, OK 81-0004 1
E-8C Joint STARS   Robins AFB, GA 92-3290 1
EA-6B Prowler VMAQ-3 MCAS Cherry Point, NC 159583, MD-02  
EA-6B Prowler VAQ-129 NAS Whidbey Island, WA 162939, NJ-563  
EA-6B Prowler VAQ-129 NAS Whidbey Island, WA 161885, NJ-550  
F-14D Tomcat VF-31 NAS Oceana, VA ,AJ-110  
F-15E Strike Eagle 4th FW Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC 88-1706  
F-16C Fighting Falcon 113th FW, DC ANG Andrews AFB, MD 86-0209  
F/A-18A Hornet NASA NASA Edwards, CA N843NA  
F/A-18C Hornet VFA-15 NAS Oceana, VA    
F/A-18F Super Hornet VFA-14 NAS Lemoore, CA 166434, NH-200  
F-22 Raptor 1st FW, 27th FS Langley AFB, VA   1
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter       1, Mockup
F-117 Nighthawk 49th FW Holloman AFB, NM 85-0829 1
Global Express FAA Atlantic City, NJ N47  
HC-130J Hercules   CGAS Elizabeth City, NC 2005 2
HH-60 Jayhawk   CGAS Cape Cod, MA 6028  
H-60 Blackhawk Homeland Security   22982  
HH-65B Dauphin   CGAS Traverse City, MI 6523  
HU-25C Guardian   CGAS Cape Cod, MA 2141  
KC-10A Extender 305th AMW McGuire AFB, NJ 86-0030 2
KC-130J Hercules   MCAS Cherry Point, NC 166809 2
KC-135R Stratotanker 459th ARW Andrews AFB, MD 62-3556 2
Learjet 60     N32LJ 1
MC-130E Combat Talon   Hurlburt Field, FL 64-0568 2
MH-53E Super Stallion HM-14 NAVSTA Norfolk, VA 164861 1
MH-60S Knighthawk HSC-2   165752  
MV-22 Osprey   MCAS New River, NC   1
OH-58 Kiowa DC-NG   0-16131  
OV-1 Mohawk        
OV-10 Bronco NASA NASA Langley, VA N524NA  
P-40E Warhawk     N1941P  
P-51D Mustang Commemorative Air Force   NL10601  
PBY Catalina Fighter Factory   N9521C  
RC-135V Rivet Joint   Tinker AFB, OK 64-14842  
S-3B Viking        
SH-60B Seahawk HS-75 NAS Mayport, FL 164075  
SH-60B Seahawk HSL-42   164852  
Sikorski H-92     N492SA  
Supermarine Spitfire Fighter Factory   MJ730, N730MJ  
T-1A Jayhawk 12th FTW Laughlin AFB, TX 93-0633  
T-2C Buckeye CTW-6 NAS Pensacola, FL 159710  
T-34C Mentor   NAS Whiting Field, FL    
T-6A Texan II TAW-6 NAS Pensacola, FL 165991  
T-6A Texan II TAW-6 NAS Pensacola, FL 166005  
T-6A Texan II 71st FTW Vance AFB, OK 04-0742  
T-37 Tweet 80th FTW Sheppard AFB, TX 64-13469  
T-38 Talon 46th TG Holloman AFB, NM 68-8177  
T-38 Talon 46th TG Holloman AFB, NM 65-10373  
T-38 Talon 46th TG Holloman AFB, NM 68-8172  
T-38 Talon 9th RW, 1st RS Beale AFB, CA 64-13270  
T-38 Talon 9th RW, 1st RS Beale AFB, CA    
T-38 Talon 12th FTW Laughlin AFB, TX    
T-43 12th FTW Randolph AFB, TX 72-0288  
T-44A Pegasus   NAS Corpus Christi, TX 161068  
T-44A Pegasus   NAS Corpus Christi, TX 161066 Marines markings
T-45C Goshawk VT-9 NAS Meridian, MS 165090  
TBM Avenger Fighter Factory   NL7030C  
TC-12B Huron   NAS Corpus Christi, TX 161201  
TH-57C Jet Ranger TAW-5 NAS Whiting Field, FL 162820  
TH-57C Jet Ranger TAW-5 NAS Whiting Field, FL 162050  
U-2 Dragon Lady 9th RW Beale AFB, CA 80-1071 1
UH-1 Huey   MCAS Cherry Point, NC 158561  
UH-1 Huey   Andrews AFB, MD    
UH-1 Huey DC-NG Andrews AFB, MD 0-21678  
US-139 Evergreen Transport   N140EV  
Val Replica Commemorative Air Force   N7062C  

1 - Aircraft was roped off

2 - Aircraft was open for tours



Military Demonstration Teams

  • US Navy Blue Angels
  • Canadian Snowbirds
  • US Army Golden Knights

Tentative Military Demonstrations

  • 82 Airborne Paradrop
  • AH-64 Apache Demonstration
  • AV-8B Harrier Demonstration
  • F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Team
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon East Coast Demo Team
  • F-22 Raptor Flyby (Saturday only)
  • F-117 Nighthawk Flyby
  • MH-60 SPIE Rig Demonstration
  • T-6A Texan II East Coast Demo Team

Civillian Demonstrations

  • Lima Lima Flight Team
  • Dale Snodgrass
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  • Sean Tucker
  • Nancy Lynn
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  • Michael Hunter
  • John Klatt
  • Bill Reesman
  • The Skytypers
  • Frank Ryder
  • Warbird Review
  • USAF Heritage Flight
  • USAF Texan Flight

Participating Organizations

  • Fighter Factory

Announcer: Rob Reider

Gates Open: 8:00 AM

Showtime: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM