The 2000 Department of Defense Joint Services Open House at Andrews AFB

Written on May 20, 2000.

Andrews AFB holds a very nice show around Armed Forces Weekend. It is regarded as one of the best, if not, the best show on the east coast. I have had a privledge of attending this show this year, and I am here to present my review of the show. Read!

Show Review

It wasn't that difficult getting into the base itself, being a little late (arrived at 8:35AM). But Mother Nature herself did not want the show to go on. Apparently somehow she found out that both DOD demo teams would be there, and she wanted to ruin it for everyone. That's exactly what she did. Weather was very poor, clouds hanging about 500 feet off the ground, misty rain, cancellations of demos left and right, and basically the only hideout was inside some of the planes on static display. Left and right, announcer Frank Kingston Smith announced cancellations of the Spin Doctor, Ian Groom, Rocky Hill, the A-10 demo, F-15 demo, C-17 demo, 82nd Airborne, Red Dragons, Harrier, Army chopper demos, Golden Knights, USCG Search & Rescue demo, and that's basically all I heard.

We left the base approxoimately 11:15AM, thinking no other demos would take to the air. Apparently I know the Harrier took to the air a little after noontime. I'm not too sure on the demos after that. The static display at Andrews was AWESOME! They had at least 4-5 C-130s there, ranging from a C-130E, C-130J, AC-130U, KC-130, and an EC-130. The C-5 was opened up, and they even let people on the upper passenger level (We didn't go up there because of the long wait)! We toured the C-5, C-130E, C-130J, AC-130U, KC-10, and the CH-47 Chinnok. I forgot to get a picture of the Super Hornet! The B-1, B-2, B-52, F-117, E-3, and U-2 were really awesome sites to see on static display. I got some nice shots of a Navy E-6 (modified 707). Basically I was very impressed with the static display this year.

Will I return next year? I'm not too sure yet. The drive down to Oxon Hill, MD (where hotel room was) took 3½ hours, and was a little boring, besides the navigating. The base holds an excellent show every year (as I read from the 1998 and 1999 shows), and this year's lineup was impressive. I will come back down to the show again in the near future... but maybe not in 2001. I'm not sure yet. It's well worth the drive, but to have Mother Nature ruin the show for everyone is something different.

Overall Score

Show & Static: 5


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