2006 Jones Beach Airshow

Jones Beach, New York

May 27-28, 2006

Airshow report written on June 10, 2006.


Performer Brief - David Windmiller


It is always nice to go to an airshow to see a new performer fly his or her aerobatic routine.  David Windmiller isn't exactly new by any standards.  He has been flying aerobatics for many years but to me, he is new because I have never seen him fly in the past.  David flies an Edge 540 and is based out of Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York.  To my knowledge, it was the first time I had seen an Edge 540 at any airshow - up close, that is.  Kirby Chambliss, who also flies the same type of aircraft, flew his performance really far from the crowd at Atlantic City, which was a real bummer.  While David's performance was under ten minutes long, it was probably the most jam-packed several minutes I have ever seen a "local boy" fly an aerobatic performance.  If you have a chance, go out to Republic Airport and see him fly, or even talk to him about aerobatics.  In fact, see if the Skytypers are around because they too are based at Republic Airport!

On a more broader note on the Jones Beach Airshow, it was the best beach show I have ever attended.  Compared to Atlantic City, it is much easier to get a parking spot close to the beach (compared to Atlantic City, where if you don't park in a casino lot or any other lot around the downtown Atlantic City area, you'd have to park at Bader Field and take a shuttle bus) if you arrive early.  There are no tall buildings behind the beach - only the water tower, which is shaped like an obelisk (for you folks out there, an obelisk is a tall, pointed object... think Washington Monument).  The sound system is about a thousand times better and can actually be heard if you're within a hundred feet of the water.  Making that system better is the fact that it was simulcasted over an FM band, which was not interrupted by commercial breaks.  You are also allowed to go out to Republic Airport to watch the aircraft take off and land from outside the airport, which you can do on a regular day without getting in trouble, from what I've been told.  You can't do either activity at Pomona Airport in Atlantic City.  Atlantic City has the advantage of the casinos, in case you want to head to somewhere that's air conditioned.  Jones Beach has a virtually unobstructed view of the show area, while Ocean One Pier blocks off show left at Atlantic City, and Jones Beach is near two major airports with excellent spotting locations and the day and nightlife of Manhattan - that's if you can afford it.

Getting off the show area from both locations is a challenge, but Atlantic City might have the faster drive because of the Atlantic City Expressway.  Jones Beach has the challenge of the Wantagh, Meadowbrook, Southern State, Northern State, and Belt Parkways, which usually have traffic problems every day.

Military Demonstration Teams

  • US Navy Blue Angels
  • US Army Golden Knights

Tentative Military Demonstrations

  • A-10 Thunderbolt II East Coast Demo Team
  • F-15 Eagle West Coast Demo Team
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon West Coast Demo Team
  • New York ANG Search & Rescue Demonstration
  • T-6A Texan II East Coast Demo Team

Civillian Demonstrations

  • Red Baron Squadron
  • Sean Tucker
  • The Skytypers
  • Ed Hamill
  • Mary Dilda
  • Bill Reesman
  • Michael Mancuso
  • Warbird Review
  • USAF Heritage Flight

Participating Organizations

  • American Airpower Museum

Announcer: Rob Reider

Gates Open: N/A - Beach Show

Showtime: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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