2010 Greenwood Lake Airshow Videos

All videos are from the Saturday show. Video was shot on Sunday, but only two acts got into the air,
and it's not worth encoding and uploading the video from that day, which was cold and rainy.

Iron Eagles Aerobatic Team - Teaser

Kirk Wicker - J3 Cub - Comedy Act

Dan Marcotte - Ultimate 10-200 - Performance

David Brown - Stock Stearman - Performance

Dan Buchanan - Hang Glider - Performance

T-6 Texan Flight

Kevin Russo - SNJ Texan - Performance

Kendal Simpson - Pitts Model 12 - Performance

Jane Wicker Airshows - Wingwalking Performance

Red Star Northeast Raiders - Performance

United States Coast Guard Search & Rescue Demonstration

US Army West Point Academy Black Knights Parachute Team

Iron Eagles Aerobatic Team - Full Performance

After Airshow Flying Featuring the Red Star Northeast Raiders

There are NO PLANS for a DVD of the 2010 Greenwood Lake Airshow.