Established in August 1999 as Steve's Airshow World.

Rebranded on December 29, 2012 as Zinger Aviation Media.

Based just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mission Statement

To provide quality aviation and airshow videos from across North America,
with emphasis on airshows in the Northeastern United States as well as
aviation photography with emphasis on airshows, aviation, and aviation museums.


Equipment Used

All photos and videos seen here have been shot over the years using
Canon, Konica Minolta, Nikon, and Sony digital cameras and video cameras.
As of 2016, only Nikon DSLR and Sony video cameras are utilized,
all of which are capable of shooting 1080i and 1080p HD video and capturing stunning photos.
When normal equipment is unavailable, some photos and videos were shot using an iPhone.


Major and Significant Events Covered

Historic 2003 Vectren Dayton Airshow
Final F-14 Tomcat Demonstrations
Last F-14 Tomcat Homecoming
Last F-14 Tomcat Airshow Appearance
Last U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat Landing
First Full-Up Public F-22 Raptor Demonstration
2007 Gathering of Mustangs and Legends
The Entire 2008 North American Tour for the Red Arrows
Final F-15C Eagle Public Demonstration
Brazilian Smoke Squadron Northeastern US Tour
KC-135E Stratotanker Arrival at the Air Mobility Command Museum
Final Fat Albert JATO Demonstration
Breitling Jet Team American Tour
C-5A Galaxy Dedication at the Air Mobility Command Museum
Inaugural North American Passenger Flights with the Airbus A350
First Public East Coast C-17 Globemaster III Demonstration
The Inaugural Flying W Airshow
Patrouille de France 2017 American Tour
Atlantic Trident 2017
C-97G Stratofreighter "Angel of Deliverance" Return to Flight


Zinger Aviation Media, or what is also referred to as Zinger Aviation, is the continuation of what used to be Steve's Airshow World, which appeared on the web from 1999 to 2012.  A decision was made during the summer of 2012 to radically change the theme and emphasis of what Steve's Airshow World was, as the whole idea of filming airshows really started to spill over to other aspects of airshows, aviation, and other related content.  Steve's Airshow World has hosted various sections devoted to aviation, such as a Factfile, a number of military and civilian airstrip spotting guides, non-airshow aviation photo galleries and much more.  Many different names were thrown into the mix and Zinger Aviation Media, as it is officially known as, was chosen as the winner.

The name Zinger Aviation Media, or Zinger Aviation, is a very easy name to remember, considering it is a play on words on my last name and it will encompass everything that was covered when it was Steve's Airshow World.  The name change opens up many new opportunities to cover, whether it be through still or moving media (photos and video, respectively).  The main plan is to have Zinger Aviation Media designed in two sections:  Airshows and Aviation.  Several aviation sections have been removed, such as the Aircraft Factfile and Recognition Guide (you can use Wikipedia or go to your bookstore and build your own library, and I encourage the bookstore route) and the USAF Tail Codes and Navy Carrier Air Wings pages (for being several years out of date) but new sections will be added as time passes.  A store remains in the works, which will be powered by one of the largest web store hosting sites featuring some very unique aviation-related gifts.  Many more sections will be added as time passes so stay tuned.

But what about other sections of the site?  If you've noticed, at several airshows over the last few years, non-aviation subjects have been covered in video, such as videos of female singing groups and solo singing and comedy routines.  These were done for two reasons - to bring more attention to the respective acts, as well as by request from those respective acts.  As a result, respect and friendship was also earned as a result and so long as Zinger Aviation Media and those acts appear at the same event, there will continue to be video.

Being based in the greater Philadelphia metro region is extremely advantageous for Zinger Aviation Media as it puts many of the best airshows in the United States and some of the best aircraft spotting locations within a six hour drive.

If you are an airshow director, represent a public affairs office for a military installation, or an airshow performer, please click here to see the services provided by Zinger Aviation Media.

Please be sure to follow Zinger Aviation Media on social media using the links at the top!  Lastly, be sure to add www.zingeraviation.com to your Favorites list and your Bookmarks.  Remember, Zinger Aviation Media continues where Steve's Airshow World left off!

There are LOTS of people I would like to thank for all of the years of guidance,
showmanship, as well as friendship, in order to make Zinger Aviation Media
to where it is today.  Please click here for my thanks, and keep in mind that the individuals seen in that link is by no means complete and I will do my best to acknowledge everyone as time permits.